你来啦, ">You're here,
在学校回去, ">Going back at school,
你怎么还不走你来干嘛呀? ">Why are you still not leaving you to do it?
不懂我也不懂, ">I don't understand, I don't understand.
我们已经不可能了, ">We are already impossible,
你别再来烦我了, ">Don't bother me anymore,
你不是说, ">Did not you say,
会一直爱我的, ">Will always love me,
妈妈不爱你, ">Mom doesn't love you,
我从来没有爱过你, ">I have never loved you,
我不想再见到你了, ">I don't want to see you again,
可以结婚前, ">Before you can get married,
另注意卫生, ">Also pay attention to hygiene,
你就会放屁了呢, ">You will fart,
是你害的, ">It’s yours,
尽管, ">in spite of,
亲亲乖, ">Kiss,
意见一致, ">Consistent opinion,
好啊, ">Ok,
这是哪个剧组搭的景啊, ">This is the scene of which crew.
风塔? ">Wind tower?
哈哈, ">Haha,
今天太倒霉了, ">It’s too bad today,
爱, ">Love,
啊, ">what,
爱, ">Love,
你干嘛? ">What are you doing?
幸好还是男儿身, ">Fortunately, it’s still a man’s body.
你摸够了吗? ">Have you touched enough?
对不起, ">I am sorry,
胸不平, ">The chest is not flat,
何以平天下? ">How to flatten the world?
我们这种实力派是不用靠事业线吃饭的, ">Our strength team does not have to rely on the career line to eat,
你真的是姑娘吗? ">Are you really a girl?
你哪个村的? ">Which village do you have?
你真的对我一点印象都没有了吗? ">Do you really have no impression of me?
哦, ">Oh,
你听听, ">You listen,
你谁呀? ">Who are you?
我叫白素素, ">My name is Bai Susu.
白素素, ">White pigment,
还没开机, ">Still not booting,
够拼的呀, ">Enough to fight,
天长, ">Long,
就知道你是同行啦, ">I know that you are a fellow,
你骗得了别人可骗不了我, ">You can't lie to me if you deceive others.
你猜你猜你的脸, ">Guess you guess your face,
我刷我的粉丝, ">I brush my fans,
大家公平竞争嘛, ">Everyone is playing fair,
买车都是为了红的嘛, ">Buying a car is all about red.
哎哟喂, ">Hey, hello,
不好意思啊, ">I'm sorry,
你要演戏就演戏, ">You have to act acting, acting.
你要钱我给你吃, ">You want money, I will give you food,
房子, ">house,
车子我都给你, ">I will give you the car,
你说你没事叫什么刷什么粉丝当什么狗屁网, ">You said that you have nothing to call what fans to be a shit net,
你能让我死吗? ">Can you make me die?
我跟你说过无数次了, ">I told you many times,
我跟你是不可能的, ">I am impossible with you,
在我面前撒钱, ">Sprinkle money in front of me,
我也是一个有梦想的人, ">I am also a person with a dream,
我堂堂一个未来以后还缺这点钱吗? ">I am still missing this money in the future?
得了吧, ">Come on,
谁不知道公司要炒你鱿鱼了, ">Who doesn’t know that the company is going to fire your squid,
饭都快吃不起, ">I can't afford to eat rice.
你跟我嘴硬个屁, ">You are a bit fart with my mouth,
要回家, ">want to go home,
我不, ">I do not,
你又是谁啊? ">Who are you?
公子何必强人所难, ">Why is it difficult for the son to be strong?
给, ">give,
你, ">you,
果然是, ">Sure enough,
了, ">,
钞票啊, ">Banknotes,
你, ">you,
哇100万粉丝, ">Wow 1 million fans,
大姐, ">Big sister,
又不掉链子, ">Without losing the chain,
两百万三百万, ">Two million three million,
啥, ">What,
了? ">What?
看谁呢, ">Who are you watching?
你是? ">you are?
小青, ">Xiaoqing,
你是怎么知道我出来的? ">How did you know that I came out?
知道你是怎么出来的? ">Know how you came out?
你, ">you,
你疯啦, ">You are crazy,
你会死的, ">You will die,
我在等一个人, ">I am waiting for someone,
你个畜生, ">You are a beast,
了, ">,
你不记得了吗? ">Do not you remember?
记性, ">memory,
你是不会懂的, ">You won't understand,
要客气, ">Be polite,
昨日在湖上遇雨, ">I met the rain on the lake yesterday.
若非公子借伞, ">If the non-public son borrows an umbrella,
过于小心, ">Be too careful,
不知, ">I don't know,
合适好养, ">Suitable to raise,
先, ">first,
到了, ">Arrived,
又是你呀, ">It’s you,
干嘛呀? ">What are you doing?
虽然你不记得我了, ">Although you don't remember me,
但是我从来没有忘记过你, ">But I have never forgotten you,
出来, ">come out,
我, ">I,
大姐, ">Big sister,
我不搞女人, ">I don't engage in women,
我都湿透了, ">I am soaked,
可否借我件衣裳啊, ">Can I borrow my clothes,
不? ">Do not?
不, ">Do not,
我让你妈同意了吗? ">Did I let your mother agree?
就往里闯, ">Just go inside,
我的衣服啊, ">My clothes,
都很贵的, ">Very expensive,
我都是名牌儿, ">I am a famous brand,
哎呦, ">Oh,
你搞什么呀? ">What are you doing?
睡觉啊, ">sleep,
你, ">you,
你要穿这个睡觉啊, ">You have to wear this to sleep,
咱们以前不都是这么穿着睡的吗? ">Are we not wearing sleep like this before?
谁他妈穿跆拳道服睡觉啊, ">Who the mother is wearing a taekwondo suit to sleep,
可是你这柜子里只有这一件衣服啊, ">But you only have this dress in this cupboard,
啊, ">what,
裤衩你不穿, ">You don’t wear pants,
你穿这个你是来踢馆的吧你, ">You wear this, you are here to kick the pavilion, you,
这个渔网也能穿, ">This net can also be worn,
我给你织一条明路啊, ">I will weave you a bright road.
你呢? ">What about you?
出去后直走80米, ">Go straight after going out for 80 meters.
再左拐30米, ">Turn left again 30 meters,
再右转就会看到一条河, ">Then turn right and you will see a river.
那你丫就会有很多适合你的床位啦, ">Then you will have a lot of beds for you.
啊, ">what,
记住了没有啊? ">Remember, no?
我要住在你这里, ">I want to live with you,
你干嘛非要住在我这里呢? ">Why do you have to live with me?
哈哈, ">Haha,
对不对? ">right?
我们两个人啊故乡, ">Our two people are hometown,
在一起争夺对方的氧气, ">Fighting for each other's oxygen together,
是不是啊? ">is not it?
那样多憋屈呀, ">So much wrong,
哎, ">Hey,
他是你姐夫, ">He is your brother-in-law,
就是因为当你是亲姐姐, ">Just because when you are a sister,
所以才要帮你拔了几个字, ">So I have to pull a few words for you.
有我噻, ">I have thiophene,
谁都不许碰的, ">No one can touch it,
那我就偏要碰碰看, ">Then I have to touch it.
嗯, ">Ok,
娘子小心, ">The lady is careful,
你们别吵了, ">Don’t make a noise,
啊, ">what,
的, ">of,
召开, ">Held,
不可能, ">impossible,
过了那么久, ">After so long,
今天我就大发慈悲, ">Today, I am very compassionate.
那你再想上去玩, ">Then you want to go play again.
你干嘛倒立呀? ">Why are you standing upside down?
是你在倒立, ">You are standing upside down,
嗯, ">Ok,
可不可以给我呀, ">Can you give it to me?
啊, ">what,
够多的啦, ">Enough,
你怎么来啦, ">How are you coming,
你哪位打出租车, ">Which of you is taking a taxi,
但是时间好像不太赶趟, ">But time seems to be not too busy,
几点啦, ">What time is it,
先去趟厕所, ">Go to the toilet first,
用, ">use,
啊, ">what,
日你知道吗? ">Do you know that day?
还挺好, ">It's quite good,
你还不知道呢, ">You still don't know,
好, ">it is good,
我就说了妈妈一眼, ">I said a mother,
又要着眼, ">Also have to look at it,
你, ">you,
我爱你, ">I love you,
亲爱的姑娘, ">Dear girl,
见到你心就好, ">Just see your heart,
那你妈呢? ">What about your mother?
还, ">also,
导演你好, ">Hello, director.
我妈最喜欢您的戏了, ">My mom likes your play most.
尤其是那个红衣男孩, ">Especially the red boy,
我从小看到大的哦, ">I saw big from an early age,
6000多, ">More than 6000,
去, ">go with,
那怎么好意思呢? ">How do you mean it?
反正不是我拍的, ">Anyway, I didn’t shoot it.
嗯, ">Ok,
你走了, ">you left,
有机会了, ">Have a chance,
是, ">Yes,
一分钟, ">One minute,
做运动啊, ">Do sports,
我, ">I,
没听到前一分钟吗? ">Didn't hear the last minute?
你昨天干什么去了? ">What did you do yesterday?
快点去啊, ">Go quickly,
许宣, ">Xu Xuan,
嗯嗯, ">Uh, huh,
是哦, ">right,
啊, ">what,
干嘛呢? ">What are you doing?
快进去啊, ">Go ahead,
哈哈哈哈, ">Hahahaha,
还有一个, ">There is still one,
李小坏, ">Li Xiaorui,
爱是红, ">Love is red,
道中人在看, ">The Taoist people are watching,
哪个? ">Which?
啊哈, ">Aha,
嘿嘿, ">Oh,
还想不想走, ">Still want to go,
啊, ">what,
嗯, ">Ok,
小女子向各位请安啦, ">The little girl asked everyone to be safe,
小女子向各位请安啦, ">The little girl asked everyone to be safe,
嗯你要干嘛, ">Well, what are you doing,
你要干嘛? ">What are you doing?
嗯, ">Ok,
我去, ">I go,
你怎么了? ">what happened to you?
你那里怎么啦, ">What happened to you,
没, ">No,
你, ">you,
你都怕我脸上了, ">You are afraid of my face,
还说没有, ">Still said no,
目前还没碰到你撒的到处都是, ">I haven’t touched you everywhere,
你快点把它堵上呀, ">Please plug it up quickly,
我咋煮啊, ">I will cook,
你放过我吧, ">You let me go,
喂, ">Hey,
你要对他做什么? ">What are you going to do to him?
你要对他做什么? ">What are you going to do to him?
想不到你是这种人呢, ">I don’t think you are such a person,
你要鉴别的是什么? ">What do you want to identify?
你要鉴别的是什么? ">What do you want to identify?
糟啦, ">Worse,
徐轩, ">Xu Xuan,
马姐, ">Sister Ma,
马姐跳伞不好好跳, ">Ma’s skydiving is not good,
还打导演牌, ">Also playing the director's card,
明星, ">Celebrity,
还有以后别他妈做梦了, ">And don’t be a mother to dream,
一天天的你看哈, ">Look at you every day,
从这边直走一百米, ">Go straight one hundred meters from here,
再左拐80米, ">Turn left again 80 meters,
再右拐30米能看到一条河, ">Then turn right 30 meters to see a river.
在那能找到一个好床位了, ">I can find a good bed there,
他妈接, ">His mother picked up,
不好写, ">Not good to write,
拿着银子出去住吧, ">Take the silver and go out to live,
一, ">one,
别假装慈悲了好吗? ">Don't pretend to be compassionate?
你还当我是白痴吗? ">Are you still an idiot?
你别以为我不知道你天天死缠烂打的找我是为了什么? ">Don't think that I don't know what you are looking for for me every day.
我就是想抢我的角色吗? ">I just want to grab my role?
大把的人找我演呢, ">A lot of people are looking for me to play,
让给你就好了吗? ">Just let it be for you?
拿开你的脏手, ">Take away your dirty hands,
你别碰我的衣服, ">Don't touch my clothes,
我的衣服脏是不是? ">Is my clothes dirty?
再脏也比你干净, ">It’s dirty again than you are.
比你干净多了, ">It’s much cleaner than you,
去哪儿啦, ">Where are you going,
不理我啊, ">Ignore me,
这么不屑, ">So disdainful,
喝东西也不要呗, ">Don’t drink anything,
这是, ">this is,
谁知道你到底抽什么疯啊, ">Who knows what crazy you are,
就像你开心了吧, ">Just like you are happy,
我过啦, ">I am too late,
白娘子是跟你没什么关系了, ">White Lady is nothing to do with you,
不过这个许仙吧, ">But this Xu Xian,
但是给你留住了, ">But I have kept it for you,
争不争气, ">Fight for disappointment,
就看你自己啦, ">Just look at yourself,
我就说嘛, ">I said,
姐, ">sister,
我的战术一定会成功的, ">My tactics will be successful,
其实我早就计划好了, ">In fact, I have already planned it.
导演一看就是一个逗人, ">The director is a cute person at first glance.
不打他都不听话的啦, ">If you don’t beat him, you’re not obedient.
老妹你看你看, ">Old girl, you see,
你快看哪, ">Where are you going to see?
嗯, ">Ok,
我也不远, ">I am not far away,
一, ">one,
演过什么呀, ">What did you play,
我一眼就看出来了, ">I saw it at a glance.
你就是个跑龙套的, ">You are a running dragon,
你现在要干什么呀呢? ">What are you doing now?
导演肯定是看在我的面子上, ">The director must be looking at my face,
才肯用你的, ">Willing to use yours,
趁着没开机, ">I didn’t turn it on,
你得跟着我紧急排练, ">You have to follow me urgently,
知道吗? ">do you know?
怎么排练呀? ">How to rehearse?
书中自有黄金屋, ">The book has its own gold house,
但是你肯定来不及了, ">But you are definitely too late,
为了艺术, ">For art,
为师, ">As a teacher,
决定把毕生所学的精髓传授给你听好了哈, ">I decided to pass on the essence of my life to you.
了, ">,
林英恩, ">Lin Yingen,
1000万分爱, ">10 million points of love,
嗯, ">Ok,
温sir, ">Warm sir,
新, ">new,
你看又没事了吧, ">You see it's okay,
你? ">you?
从此身边多了个人, ">Since then, there have been more individuals,
生活, ">life,
如此美丽, ">so beautiful,
呢, ">,
这是你的金钗吗? ">Is this your gold?
不要这么浮夸呀, ">Don't be so exaggerated,
你, ">you,
多么自然, ">How natural,
啊, ">what,
爱, ">Love,
不拍了, ">Don't shoot,
放饭了啊, ">Have a meal,
哎呀, ">Damn,
等吃饭, ">Waiting to eat,
不吃饭就吃饭, ">Eat without eating,
系你再加100万, ">I will add another one million.
肯定能上院线, ">Certainly can go to the hospital line,
张柏芝, ">Cecilia Cheung,
慢慢吃啊, ">Eat slowly,
不知道怎么了, ">I do not know what happened,
有些人哪, ">Some people,
还不如你呢, ">Not as good as you,
演员, ">actor,
液压, ">Hydraulic,
这就是演员啊, ">This is the actor,
这什么逻辑啊, ">What logic is this,
啊, ">what,
给我站出来, ">Give me a stand,
啊, ">what,
不要太迷恋哦, ">Don't be too obsessed,
谁是你女人啊? ">Who is your woman?
你干嘛穿成这样, ">Why are you dressed like this,
你不觉得, ">You don't think,
我是本世纪最帅的法海吗? ">Am I the most handsome Fahai of this century?
你有病啊? ">Are you sick?
你跑来搞什么乱走, ">What are you doing to go around,
我告诉你, ">I tell you,
我今天不仅要罚款, ">I am not only going to be fine today,
我还是个电影的资方, ">I am still a film owner.
你别得了便宜还卖乖, ">You don't have to be cheap and sell it,
你以为你的粉丝谁帮你买的, ">Do you think your fans who bought it for you,
你以为谁帮你换个导演啊, ">Who do you think will help you change the director?
就凭你这下三滥货色, ">Just because of your indiscriminate goods,
谁会给你机会呀, ">Who will give you a chance,
两三天搞定, ">Get it in two or three days,
别这么扭扭捏捏, ">Don't be so twisted,
还不如正大光明的跟我在一起, ">It’s not as good as being with me.
我看以后谁还敢欺负你, ">I will dare to bully you after I see it.
我恨你, ">I hate you,
你干嘛去? ">Why are you going?
不用你管, ">Without you,
我担心你嘛, ">I am worried about you,
你现在是导演身边的大红人啊, ">You are now a big red man around the director.
用得着假惺惺的来可怜我这种三流货色吗? ">Is it a pity for me to use this fake?
其实这个什么都不用去演的对呀, ">In fact, this is nothing to play with, right,
我就不应该演戏的嘛, ">I shouldn’t be acting,
意思是说, ">This means that,
你不需要劝别人, ">You don't need to persuade others
你只要做你自己就好了, ">You just have to be yourself,
是许仙是个男的, ">Xu Xian is a man,
我是个女的, ">I am a woman,
导演, ">director,
让我去演一个男的就够扯了, ">Let me play a man, it’s enough.
你还让我相信我就是那个男人, ">You still make me believe that I am the man,
这怎么可能呢, ">How is this possible?
你? ">you?
干嘛? ">What are you doing?
你就是许仙, ">You are Xu Xian,
都死到临头了, ">They are all dead,
还木有呢, ">Still wood,
什么是零头啊? ">What is a fraction?
导演说了, ">The director said,
这是最后一次机会, ">This is the last chance,
你要把握不好就说让你滚蛋, ">If you want to grasp it badly, let you get out of the way.
好了, ">All right,
你就是许仙, ">You are Xu Xian,
已经299岁, ">Already 299 years old,
我, ">I,
卡恩, ">Kahn,
这不就对了吗? ">Isn't this right?
我都跟你说了, ">I have told you,
我这么牛逼的导演, ">I am so arrogant director,
看你怎么会猜错呢, ">See how you can guess wrong,
你干嘛? ">What are you doing?
我看看你这团气还能撑多久, ">I will see how long you can hold this group of spirits.
胡闹, ">Noisy,
你现在身体都虚弱成这个样子了, ">You are now weak in your body,
怪我回去找你的正事, ">Blame me back to find your business,
我再也不想回到那个又黑又冷的卡洞里了, ">I don't want to go back to the dark and cold card hole anymore.
可是你这样会死的, ">But you will die like this,
我, ">I,
我已经很久没有这么开心过了, ">I haven’t been so happy for a long time,
就算死在这里, ">Even if you die here,
又何妨, ">Why not,
有什么好, ">What is good,
该怎么对你会轻二楚? ">How can it be lighter for you?
你看看你现在学成什么样子? ">Look at what you are learning now?
你不要老是在我身体里插来插去的, ">You don't always plug in my body,
好, ">it is good,
既然你不跟我吵, ">Since you don't argue with me,
就别跟我动手, ">Don't start with me,
保护也没用, ">Protection is useless,
姐姐已经回了, ">My sister has returned,
就算回去, ">Even if you go back,
我也没办法重返真身的, ">I can't get back to the real thing,
借口, ">Excuse,
我才不信, ">I do not believe,
别烦我了, ">Don't bother me,
症状, ">symptom,
蜘蛛精, ">Spider essence,
我, ">I,
我只是个捡草的, ">I am just scribbled,
刚好路过, ">Just passing by,
不小心剪出一个绳子而已嘛, ">I accidentally cut out a rope,
你还需要, ">you also need,
什么意思啊? ">what does it mean?
姐还需系铃人? ">Sister still needs to ring the bell?
爱, ">Love,
这几天我包了, ">I have packaged these days,
不容易啊, ">Not easy,
酗酒乱性, ">Alcoholism,
方正, ">Founder,
不该喝呀, ">Shouldn’t drink,
方丈, ">Abbot,
哎呀, ">Damn,
台湾宗教主题是吧, ">Taiwan’s religious theme is right,
拿钱滚蛋, ">Take the money, go out,
你说了一晚上酒瓶子, ">You said the wine bottle for one night,
不就是为了女人吗? ">Isn't it for women?
啊, ">what,
城市, ">city,
原来自己偷着回来了是吧, ">It turned out that I was stealing back, right?
还长, ">Still long,
我知道我以前说话难听, ">I know that I used to talk badly.
对你也不好, ">Not good for you,
都过去了吗? ">Have you passed?
你不要那么记仇嘛, ">Don't you be so vengeful,
今天在片场, ">Today on the set,
多亏了你, ">Thanks to you,
要不是你点拨我, ">If you didn’t call me,
我可能早就被赶出去了呢, ">I may have been driven out early,
嗯啊嗯啊, ">Uh ah, ah,
嗯, ">Ok,
你说你们这边跑龙套怎么回事儿啊? ">What do you say about running the dragons here?
白首诗作放入海失联你还在这里睡觉啊, ">White poems are put into the sea and you are still sleeping here.
你, ">you,
他太萎吧, ">He is too damn,
蛇还是蛇姬, ">The snake is still a snake,
我看你还是神经病吧, ">I think you are still a neuropathy,
不是还有个医生吧, ">There is not a doctor,
你自己看看我说的是真的吗姐, ">You see for yourself what I said is true, sister,
大姐你别走, ">Big sister, don’t leave,
我害怕呀, ">I am afraid,
那你听我说话吗姐, ">Then you listen to me, sister,
我跟你说啊, ">I told you,
安丁丁, ">Anding,
你个白素素芝, ">You are a white vegetarian,
啊, ">what,
我很忙, ">I am very busy,
没工夫陪你来烧香, ">No time to accompany you to burn incense,
这么早来干嘛? ">What are you doing this so early?
带你见一个人是谁啊, ">Take you to see who is a person,
你, ">you,
你怎么知道的呢? ">How do you know that?
你怎么没告诉过我呢? ">Why didn't you tell me?
这个世界上真的有妖怪呀, ">There are really monsters in this world.
世界之大, ">The world,
无奇不有, ">Nothing strange,
看着着急, ">Looking at the hurry,
脆皮是一种做法, ">Crisp is a practice,
蜜汁也是一种做法, ">Honey juice is also an approach,
外面裹着厚厚的面粉, ">Wrapped in thick flour,
里面不也是鸡鸭, ">It’s not chicken or duck inside.
唯一的区别就是那层外衣不同而已, ">The only difference is that the coat is different.
你好是妖也好, ">Hello, it’s a demon,
只要心地善良, ">As long as you are kind,
还是可以一起愉快的玩耍, ">Still can have fun together,
友谊的小船也还可以继续航行不受, ">The boat of friendship can also continue to sail,
在这呢, ">Here,
老板都来了, ">The boss is here,
还不快开门, ">Still not opening the door,
这个不急, ">This is not urgent,
一千多年了, ">For more than a thousand years,
还没过期, ">Not yet expired,
你自己选, ">You choose,
拿什么, ">What to take,
哪里的蹦极呀, ">Where is the bungee jumping,
在, ">in,
今晚, ">tonight,
臭和尚, ">Stinky monk,
你回来了, ">You're back,
了? ">What?
这么多年没见, ">I haven’t seen it for so many years.
身材还是保持得这么好, ">The figure is still kept so good,
一千多, ">More than one thousand,
你还这么猥琐, ">You are still so wretched,
要不是为了救我姐姐出来, ">If it wasn’t for saving my sister,
我会把你召回来, ">I will call you back,
你害了我和姐姐分开, ">You hurt me and my sister,
我见他, ">I saw him,
恨不得把你的皮, ">I can’t wait to take your skin,
吃你的肉, ">Eat your meat,
而你有求于我知道吗? ">And do you want to know me?
还那么凶, ">Still so fierce,
请我吃顿饭了, ">Please have me have a meal,
我也好久没有吃屎了, ">I haven’t eaten for a long time,
操哦, ">Fuck,
还想呢, ">Still thinking about it,
不跟你玩了, ">Not playing with you,
凶巴巴的, ">Fierce,
人家就是要一个爱的拥抱你, ">People just want to embrace you with love,
说, ">Say,
怎样才能叫我姐姐, ">How can I call my sister?
我, ">I,
啊, ">what,
你姐姐, ">Your sister,
跟雷峰塔朝夕相处, ">Get along with Leifeng Tower,
一千元早已经领卡合一了, ">One thousand yuan has already got the card together,
你姐姐这次逃出来是硬生生拆开, ">Your sister’s escape from this time is a hard-opening,
要想救你, ">To save you,
首先要重塑雷峰塔, ">First of all, we must reshape the Leifeng Pagoda.
还有, ">and also,
哎呀, ">Damn,
吃饱了才有力气发愁啊, ">When you are full, you will be very energetic.
别愣着啦, ">Don't lie,
而动画, ">And animation,
爱你呀, ">Love you,
我就说钥匙在你这儿, ">I said the key is here,
怎么样? ">how about it?
哎, ">Hey,
张如海, ">Zhang Ruhai,
你跑哪去了? ">Where have you been?
全世界都在找你呢, ">The whole world is looking for you,
呢, ">,
好吃的啊, ">Delicious,
1000年没吃东西了啊, ">I haven’t eaten in 1000,
我突然想起了, ">I suddenly remembered,
你慢慢吃, ">You eat slowly,
我, ">I,
你不是说今天没事儿吗? ">You are not saying that today is all right?
老婆催我回去交公粮, ">My wife urged me to go back to pay the grain,
八, ">Eight,
你什么时候去学校的? ">When did you go to school?
你不会是方如海女朋友吧, ">You won’t be a Fang Ruhai girlfriend,
我最看不起玩弄女人的男人了, ">I most despise the man who plays with the woman,
男人不应该对自己的女人负责的吗? ">Shouldn't men be responsible for their own women?
那你为什么辜负我姐姐? ">Then why do you live up to my sister?
谁是你姐姐? ">Who is your sister?
话说这个是我的吧, ">Saying this is mine,
他对你很重要, ">He is very important to you,
我答应过一个女孩, ">I promised a girl,
我会给你给他的, ">I will give it to you,
你认识宋宋, ">You know Song and Song,
又下雨了, ">It is raining again,
哎, ">Hey,
部落, ">tribe,
爱, ">Love,
好不好, ">good or not,
爱? ">Love?
在水里很惨的, ">Very miserable in the water,
我在水里泡一泡尾巴, ">I dunk a tail in the water,
补充点盐分, ">Add some salt,
还能维持一下人形, ">Can also maintain the human form,
快回去吧, ">Go back soon,
我还有什么地方可以去呢? ">Where else can I go?
他不要, ">he does not want,
我永远都不会不要你, ">I will never want you,
我们回去找你的真实, ">Let's go back to find your truth,
回去又有何用? ">What is the use of going back?
咋弄回来? ">Got it back?
法海, ">Fahai,
他不是已经转世了吗? ">Has he not been reincarnation?
原本我就想将他的法力照顾, ">Originally I wanted to take care of his mana.
没想到连她妖里妖气的性格, ">I didn’t expect even the demon character in her demon.
也负责把你身上, ">Also responsible for putting you on,
我要杀了他, ">I want to kill him,
姐姐, ">sister,
小气, ">stingy,
这个妖僧诡计多端, ">This enchanting,
你还指望他能救我们, ">You still expect him to save us,
没有别的办法了, ">There is no other way,
这样的酒, ">Such wine,
在他的穴位运行吗? ">Running at his acupoint?
我早已将生死置之度外的农民, ">I have already put the peasants who have been living and dying,
又何苦拼命挣抱拳? ">Why bother to earn a fist?
你是我在这个世界上, ">You are me in this world,
喂, ">Hey,
不是回去了吗? ">Didn't you go back?
睡觉去了, ">I'm going to bed,
我, ">I,
我, ">I,
虽然, ">although,
从来没有忘记过你, ">Never forgot you,
我不想再见到你了, ">I don't want to see you again,
是许仙与白素贞的定情之物, ">It is the sentiment of Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen.
附带着白素贞的情, ">With the feelings of Bai Suzhen,
呢, ">,
法力, ">Mana,
风雨之中, ">In the storm,
姐姐回到, ">My sister returned,
只剩你了, ">Only you are left,
就不用死了, ">You don't have to die,
快让他出来, ">Let him come out,
怎么回事? ">what happened?
我先洗个碗, ">I will wash the bowl first.
洗, ">wash,
十分钟, ">ten minutes,
先, ">first,
怎么样? ">how about it?
你这个脑筋急转弯, ">You have a sharp brain,
加之, ">In addition,
猪儿粑, ">Pig,
今天我就杀了你, ">I killed you today.
他演的像不像张杰你好, ">He played like Zhang Jie,
明天上午8点钟, ">8 o'clock tomorrow morning,
给, ">give,
你找我, ">You are looking for me,
你能不能帮我一个忙, ">Can you do me a favor,
我的寿命有限, ">My life is limited,
你能不能, ">Can you,
帮我好好保管这把伞? ">Help me keep this umbrella?
嗯, ">Ok,
学成了传说, ">Learned to be a legend,
只为求一餐, ">Just for a meal,
躲在某个墙角, ">Hiding in a corner,
都听的是, ">All are listening,
喜欢汤姆森, ">Like Thomson,
抢哦, ">Grab,
喜欢听困扰凯波入飞翔模板, ">I like to listen to the troubled Kaibo into the flying template.
澄清贴达人哦, ">Clarify the stickers,
请爱吃, ">Please love to eat,
的, ">of,
天天, ">day by day,
都不敢说, ">I dare not say that
亲, ">Dear,
对你负责, ">responsible to you,
呢, ">,
呢, ">,
葡萄, ">grape,
秋天, ">fall,
什么, ">what,
成? ">to make?