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Battlestar Galactica Online

Postby mindworks » 24/02/2016, 16:45

In this thread we discuss battlestar galactica online, a game which I (BlauerHimmel) play obsessively.

GIVE THEM NO EASY KILLS. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.
1) We should ALWAYS strive to control or at least deny controlf of HATIR VIDOFNIR and CALIBAAN: those are high resource systems.
2) When we are at a nexus, but outnumbered, and they are too: let them kill the drones, keep away from them.
3) Never start a nexus alone without a brimir carrier. Otherwise the drones will rip you apart!
4) Brimirs? NEVER set a bad beacon! Suicide beacons are the worst! We havea a blacklist of bad beaconers. We also have a whitelist of good beaconers. If people are not jumping to your beacon -- maybe it is because you set bad beacons, hm? Because I guaranty people jump to my beacons, and not because they know me or i ask them to.
a) When you set a beacon - tell the fleet what your beacon is and why. Mobility? Mining? NPCs? OP Defense? OP Run? Also, SALT: Size Activity Location Time - report the Size and rank of enemies, what Activity they are doing (on FID? mining? incoming?) Location (range - how far) - time (e.g. nexus 10 minutes remaining, fid just started, etc).
b) When we are getting pwn3d: brimirs should sacrifice themselves so the other ships can escape. Run, but don't jump: your flak and pv will keep the missiles off all the other ships in the fleet. You have the beacon, so you cover the retreat.
5) Unless you are going to pay cubits for them to fight your battles - never complain about farmers. Cubits!
6) When we are very outnumbered - raid their mining ships. Blowing up a mining ship is something we can just about always do.

Low level pilots (lowies) - should fly mark II vipers --with lots of engines, so you can outrun the high levels who will want to make you their easy kill.

Escorts are probably the best ship all around because they can hit strikes, unlike strikes, and can get in liners blind spots.

When you are low: ALWAYS fly in a group. ALWAYS fly in a strike.
Low level liners are flying coffins.
Fly alone, die alone.
Fly together, kill forever.

Some of us want VENGEANCE, others want JUSTICE, all want VICTORY!

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