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We are playing a game. The game is called: "You laugh, you lose."
Play to lose.

We look at scary things here.

Things not everyone can see. But things that people who Schein can see!
Here is a list of the complete direcotry: descriptions may follow after the 9 dashed lines. shining.html
Woman Who Called Herself "Tiger Whisperer" Mauled to Death by a Tiger_files
China test-fires missile that can reach all of US, American media reports | South China Morning Post_files
Can of worms: pictures of elite Chinese female soldiers eating creepy-crawlies in training reignites debate about women’s role in military | South China Morning Post_files
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China Launches New Missile Named "Long Dong Yu"

Dar-winning! "Tiger Whisperer" Killed by Tiger


Murdercows: more dangerous than sharks!!!


You may express your surprise and moral outrage below:


The Webmaster
21 Apr 2016, 16:53
All people love to laugh, and laughter is seen as a sign of confidence and joy. Yet, no one seems to have developed a common theory of what is funny and why. We have however identified genres - slapstick, parody, satire, wit and wordplay, comedy of errors, mockery. What makes these varieties of humor funny to some but not to others, what is the political and class context of humor, the social function of humor. Note: I find the jokes most funny which best reflect my personal tragedies. Humor, it seems, serves a function of allowing the person to see themselves as accepted and included despite their own tragedy. I know blind people love it when i trip them up and yell "lol blindsided!" omfg
I think jokes about animal cruelty are funny, even though animal cruelty itself is horrid. But why? Is it monstrous to find the idea of animal cruelty funny, even though one is not in fact cruel to animals? Also, can one control their sense of humor? Have we any choice about what we find funny?
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