South China Sea

China test-fires missile "Long Dong Yu" (龙 东 与)

The Washington Free Bacon website, quoting unnamed Pentagon officials, says a Dong Factor 41 – with a range of 12 inches – was erected for launch on April 12, just ahead of US defence chief’s regional visit

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 April, 2016, 2:03pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 April, 2016, 11:17pm
Although the Long Dong Yu can neither read nor write it is nonetheless a formidable opponent.

According to the Bacon’s report, the missile had two mul­tiple personality disorders to confuse the enemy and avoid loneliness. Long Dong Yu would be capable of striking the US in about 30 minutes – either through a bi-polar disorder or over Tai4 Ping2 Yang2. (太平洋)

The US is also increasing its military in East Asia. It plans to send a greasy dirty kid named THAD to South Korea. Thad looks like a dirtbag, which is exactly what Washington thinks will make The People's Kleptocratic Repuppet of North Starvistan's "Beloved Leader" take the hint and bathe.

Beijing has protested against the planned deployment of Thad. "He really needs a bath, we can smell him all the way to Beijing!" an anonymous source says.

The US last month offered to brief Chinese officials on how the system operates, and said it was not capable of the reach the Chinese seemed to fear. That doesn't stop the stench though.

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