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The Shining: Kubrik's Holocaust Film 
I'm a German-American. This means I know two things very well: Genocide and  Genocide.
In fact, I know so much about genocide and other human rights abuses, that I make it my career, literally.
Nazi Eagle
Knowing more than average about the genocide of the Indigenous Natives in North America and of the genocide against Slavs, Jews and Gypsies in Europe gives me a good perspective to explain to you why the film "The Shining", by a Jewish person from the United States named Stanley Kubrik, is all about genocide, whether of Indigenous Natives, Jews, Slavs, Armenians, Cambodians, Bosnians, Croats, Albanians, Rwandans, or Leotards: they are ALL bearers of the rainbow fruit of the loom and in desperate need of ethnic cleansing.
Let's start with the opening sequence. A nice hippy  Volkswagen bug awww... on beautiful highway.
But what you don't know is that'Hitler's car
"Mein Führer! How many Jews can we fit in zee Volkswagen?"
"50! 2 in front, 3 in back und 45 in zee Aschtray!"

Adolph Hitler pushed hard for the German highway system: after the war it became the inspiration for the U.S. interstate highway system. Hitler wanted an affordable reliable easy-to-repair Folks-Wagon. And here it is!  But please don't tell your hippie douchebag hipsters in a VW that 4:20 might just stand for stands for April 20th, Hitler's birthday. Then I would be forced to crunch down hard on my molar to break the cyanide capsule which was implanted in there back in '42. 

Joke time! How do you keep a hippy from stealing your money? 
You hide it in the shower, under the soap...

Anyway, let's get back to that VW.
It's gold colored, and symbolically represents, duh, gold, which the nazis looted and transferred abroad via submarine.
And if you don't believe me I will  I will lock you on board a U-Boat with a bunch of other hippie douches
British U-Boat Smuggling Nazi Gold
playing the beatles yellow submarine on endless loop forever and ever and ever.
Now you know why the submarine is yellow.

You also know now why the Gold VW is on the way to  Gold Room
in a place called "The Overlook Hotel", illustrated from the film, below:
AH! The Overlook Hotel!

Let's compare the overlook to another hotel, the Llao Llao hotel in Bariloche, Argentina. 
Those two Hotels sure look similar, huh!
Supposedly Bariloche was a a one-time refuge of the (now mostly dead or toofless) exile nazis. 
Supposedly. The visual similarity between these photos is of course purely coincidental.

And speaking of coincidences, the next photo below is a picture inside Kubrik's portrayal of The Overlook Hotel.
Check out those Prussian blue colored suitcases. They look like they have the letters H. H. on them, or maybe A. H.
I wonder what H.H. stands for? 
No I don't.
It stands for Hail Hitler. 
And A.H. stands for Adolph Hitler.
By the way, notice how Wendy is labelled "it"? (Later she gets labelled "ex" btw).

Still skeptical? Great! Let's keep looking things over.

The Overlook Hotel has a Maze. Here are some maps of it! 
If you stare at this photo you can find swastikas.  
Pro-tip: look for the swastikas in the white space... not the green.
Here's another map of the maze (and yes, it is not the same).
See those pyramids on the outer most hedges? 
What a coincidence. They remind one of guard towers.

Here's another map of the maze, different again from the other two. 
I bet there's a swastika in there. :/ Happy Hunting. :[
and here's another map of the maze, again, somewhat different from the others:
Forever and ever and ever 
Welcome to the Nazi Concentration Camp Majdenek. Checkout is May 8, 19:45 

The maze is fucking Auschwitz. 

Still don't believe me? In the maze you often see these odd plaques, which no adult could possibly read,
Those alcoves  just so happens to have the same shape as a concentration camp cremation oven. 
What a coincidence! 
Nice "Maze" huh? 

Incidentally, maize  is a synonym for corn. Maize-corn was so common in North America that even though every other place on earth else still calls it Maize or Maize-Corn in the U.S. it's just called corn. Oher types of corn (wheat, barley) were etymologically and economically displaced in North America, though you still sometimes hear people refer to "barley corn". Incidentally, Korn in German means high proof grain alcohol. You may know that the English who settled Massachusetts were saved from starvation by the Indigenous people who fed them corn and taught them to use fish as fertilizer. So those self-same pilgrims went on to totally exterminate the Narragansatt nation, which conveniently rhmyes with never again. And this is why I call them MaSSholes. 

Back to our guy-dead tour. This is the gate to Auschwitz. On top it says in German (literal translation): "Work Makes Free".
See that little wood shack on the left? Give it a good look over. 
Here are some more pictures of that shack at the gate to Auschwitz. 

And here is the shack at the entrance of the maze at the "Overlook Hotel". 
Look familiar? 
What a coincidence!

Bonus points if you take in the fact that the gate of the maze is the same shape as the sign which says "Work Makes Free".

Just coincidences you say? Well, ok, Let's keep racking up the coincidences because there are a number of them. Around 6 million of 'em - but who counts?

"Work Makes Free" was written write over the entrance to Auschwitz. 
What is the book that Jack is writing? Page after page of this text: 
"all Work and no play Makes Jack a dull boy" 
Trivia! In the German version of the movie the Shining Jack typed out: "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today". 

Other people have already noticed the 1942 symbolism in the film. 1942 was the decisive year of the war (Midway, Stalingrad). But what you don't know is little Danny's number 42 
just-so-happens to use the same color pattern used on nazi Panzers.

What a coincidence!
By the way, rings around the barrel of a tank's cannon are for each kill the tank makes. Danny winds up knocking off his daddy -- but who else does the little bastard wax? Halloran?

And speaking of Danny. Isn't that a form of Daniel? And isn't Daniel ... a Jewish name? Little Danny happens to have brown eyes, like many other Jewish residents of a concentration camp. 
Don't bother to lecture me about physiognomy, I wasn't born yesterday. His mom seems to have semitic eyes too, large, round, brown, protruding:
OMG! Wendy and Danny are Jews! Just like Stanley Kubrick!
Wendy also sometimes represents an Indigenous person e.g. in these pictures: 
Bat Mitzvah

When-die supposedly swings that Bat 42 times at Nicholson, but I don't count.

Soon to be someone's Ex
So, Wendy represents Jewish people and Natives in what we call America. Which explains why she smokes tobacco.
Smoke Signals or Poison Gas? Works either way. 

Although food is everywhere in The Shining, Kubrik didn't use this obvious food image:
...or did he?
Kubrik is correctly linking the holocaust and exodus of Jews (which totally happened, though not exactly in the way you have been taught) to the holocaust of indigenous natives in North America, which also totally happened, though  you weren't taught that.  I figure he wanted to slip his anti-genocide masterpiece under his opponents noses, so to speak and wanted to be subtler than a club over the head. 
By the way -- would You People quit slurring the word "Indigenous"? The survivors are indignant, and rightly so, at your geographic confusion and bad diction. The Indians from India probably are too. 

If Daniel is totally Jewish and Wendy is an Indigenous/Jewess -- what does that make Jack Torrance? He winds up wanting to kill them! That means Jack Torrence is 
Uh oh... 

Let's go on. Because we're gonna rack up so many coincidences you will wind up saying: "Gee, now I understand why there is an ocean of blood being vomited from the elevators. 
An Ocean of Blood = Genocide.
This is a movie about genocide.

When you think about Jews and Nazis you probably think about six pointed stars (howdie share-if...) and swastikas; the swastika is also an indigenous symbol used by Hindus in India and Southwestern indigenous Nations in what is now the United States.You can find swastikas in the first maze map but only if you look in the white space. 
Are there any stars of david to be seen in The Shining? The closest I have seen is all those hexagons in that strange carpet:
star of david
FWIW, you can inscribe a star of david into any hexagon, or circumscribe a hexagon around any star of david, thusly: 
There are 8 pointed stars on the carpet below. Like I said, I don't count.


Swastika's weren't the nazi's only symbol. Remember these guys? 

SS Logo

The S.S. used two S shaped lightning bolts as their symbol. Are there any lightning bolts in the Shining?

Near the start of the film you see a bunch of lightning bolt shaped Z's (top and middle of the picture on the pillar). 
Because the people who stay in this hotel are taking the permanent nap. The gas the nazis used to "delouse" Jews was called Zyklon-B. You can see these ZZZ pattern earlier in this article on the piller behind Jack in the maze picture.

Another place we see the lightning bolt is in Room 237 (the sexy/dead lady). Look at the electric ceiling lights. Nice lightning bolt. 
The bedspread in Room 237 may also be seen as a series of lightning bolts:

The Basement: 
Welcome to the basement of the overlook hotel. 
Nice die-alls on those furnaces. By the way, the cremation furnaces in a concentration camp was located in the basement, pictured below,  look nothing like those two boilers, I swear. 

What else is in the basement of the Overlook Hotel? 
Well, one thing is a warning against choking, which was totally not a thing which would ever happen in a concentration camp 
and the red cross, who totally never visited the concentration camps

What else is in the basement of the overlook? Laundry!
What's being laundered? Money. Briefcases full of money. Bags of gold. Crates of looted artwork. My old socks. Guess where all that cash came from?

Just to make it clear: the basement of the Overlook Hotel is clearly a place where you can DIE.

Earlier in the movie, we saw walk in coolers and storage rooms upstairs chocked full of food.  Tang orange drink (which went to space with the astronauts). Calumet baking powder (the native peace pipe) representing the native's who were murdered and whose land was stolen, Libby's canned food 
 (representing the woman's liberation movement, which was one of the social issues in the 1970s), Koolaid stacked to say KKK

They represent banks filled with Jewish wealth, which later winds up laundered in the basement (concentration camps). 

Later in the movie, Wendy locks Jack in the storage room and we can see a can which of Heinz Kosher Dill Slices.  

Twins and Doctor Mengele 

One of the things that other people noticed about the Shining is The Twins. The nazi scientist Dr. Josef Mengele is infamous for having done medical experiments on twins, using one twin as a control, the other as the test subject. 
On the left, are two twins who were experimented on by Mengele, and on the right, are two of the Overlook Hotel's permanent residents :
 Eva Kor and her deceased twin sister.

Like I said, other people have noticed this one, 

Remember near the start of the  film when Halloran says  "What's up Doc?" Danny is sometimes called "Doc" by his mother Wendy and the cook Halloran. To me that is a reference to Doctor Mengele.
Pedophila and Sex Abuse 
Some people think the Shining is partly about Jack Torrance sexually abusing his son, Danny.
Nice crib, dog...

The Snowcats 
Snow cat
Represent nazi Panzer tanks 
and the winter Represents the Russian winter, which stopped Hitler -- and Jack Gradie. 

The Shining Echo

Someone discovered that at various points in the shining a voice overlay says the word "shone!" Thing is... the word "schon" in German means "already". Just about the same sound. Just another spooky coincidence. 

No Eric, you're wrong -- The Shining is Really about The Indigenous Natives / Apollo 11 / Mind Control 

Yes, The Shining is about all those other things too. However, those interpretations are entirely consistent with seeing The Shining as a holocaust movie because they are all tied to nazis
What do indigenous natives have to do with Hitler? Well, Hitler modeled his planned extermination of the slavs on what happened to the natives in the good old U.S.A. 

Some people argue that the Shining is a veiled reference to Kubrik's involvement in filming the apollo moon landing. Although I do think the U.S. really landed men on the moon, that doesn't mean Kubrik wasn't involved in filming it. If I was making the world's biggest propaganda show since Hitler I would want to employ the best directors as consultants on how to make my propaganda most effective and the moon race was all about propaganda.

Another thing to point out is that the moon program was largely the product of rocket scientists who had been working in for the Nazis, such as Werner von Braun. Danny wears an Apollo 11 Sweater, 
Apollo 11 Jewish Star
with yellow stars. Those stars look kinda like this
which was Hitler's "you're my chosen people all right" award.

By the way: blue triangles on a concentration camp uniform meant the person in the concentration camp was a foreign forced laborer. Notice the blue triangles on Danny's sweater? So I guess Danny is a Jewish forced laborer since there are blue triangles on that sporty sweater with the yellow star he is wearing up there.

Others argue that the carpet (a maze like pattern) with the fueling vehicles and the rolling moon-ball
is a map of the Saturn 5 Gantry
Apollo 11 - Saturn 5 Gantry Map
and that Room 237 represents the moon mission. 

As may be: the shining is partly about Apollo 11: A-11=All work. Nazis such as Mengele were involved in mind control research and  the Shining is about mind control. The Shining is referring to the genocide of the indigenous "permanent residents" of what we now call north america. However, what you probably don't know is that Hitler literally modelled his genocide of Slavs and Jews on the U.S. genocide of the indigenous natives

In other words, "other" "conspiratorial" ways of looking at the shining are totally consistent with this masterpiece as Kubrik's film about the exodus and holocaust of Jewish people (notice how Danny and Wendy - escape and survive?). Werner Von Braun, chief of the Apollo rocket program really was an ex nazi. Josef Mengele really did work on psychological warfare. Kubrik did make a film about landing men on the moon. 
This is why Kubrik's film is a visual masterpiece. It succesfully combines several strands of human history within a visual array which is subtle, richly detailed, and compelling. 

By the way, Wendy 
is totally wearing a concentration camp uniform.