> Woman Who Called Herself "Tiger Whisperer" Mauled to Death by a Tiger
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Woman Who Called Herself "Tiger Whisperer" Mauled to Death by a Tiger

17 April 2016

Once upon a time there was a person named Stacey Konwiser: at the end of this tail she ends up none the wiser. She called herself the "Tiger Whisperer." The tigers obviously Loved her. When dealing with tigers one is probably best to leave them be in peace. Sadly, whispering to the tiger did not in fact change its appetites. This is what we call "Dar-winning!" Charlie Sheen would be proud of her willpower and courage and just as oblivious to the consequences. This might not have happened had the zoo been more cautious: "As long as employees are allowed to work in dangerously close proximity to tigers, elephants, and other dangerous animals, a significant risk of serious injury or death persists," the Animal Legal Defense Fund whined, adding that "deaths and serious injury are preventable, and safety regulations are an important piece of keeping zookeepers and employees who have close contact with dangerous animals safe."

Woman Who Called Herself
A Malayan tiger with her cubs.

The zoo does not blame the animal for acting on its natural instincts, but this tiger is probably fucked. :/

Well, if you have money for all your outrage and sympathy feel free to give it to the heirs of tigermeal or a wildlife charity you trust. Also, don't treat sharks, tigers, lions, or other wild animals as pets: you are not in fact the lion-whisperer nor are you any other kind of wizard.