历史 li4shi3 history

HISTORY is a central LIne in her hand SHI3

the HISTORIAN has a chopstick in her hair: One LIne on one’s head

使 an ENVOY is an historian in the EMPLOY of the government SHI3

These look similar too but do not appear to be etymologically related to

更 geng1 geng4 https://hanziyuan.net/#便 replace, change (the guard); more
便 bian4 pian4 https://hanziyuan.net/#更 ordinary, plain, convenient; cheap, inexpensive

須 xiu

須 xiu

It’s a pictogram.
3 lines of hair on the left
2 dots for the mustache  on the bottom
eyeball in the middle on the right
line on top on right is a hair tie chopstick.

The man with the flowing BEARD tells you what you MUST do.


Must, to have to, to be obligated.

德 de Virtue, Germany



Path on the left, light of the eye it’s focal direction on top of the all-seeing eye in the middle. line underneath is the path, implying choice, heart underneath shows it is moral choice.

the light of the all seeing eye is on the path of VIRTUE it is guided by the heart.

Approaching Chinese through homophones YU2 于 余 与

Chinese is replete with homophones. Some seem to be cognitively related. Let’s have a look at the phoneme yu2, usually in second tone.

于 余 与 all three are yu2 and are high frequency connecting characters! AT, EXCESS, RECEPTION
与 AND  宇 yu3 universe (image: a child underneath the sky-dome!.

AT, In, From. Can also function as a question particle like ma at the end of a sentence, that usage however seems literary to me as opposed to colloquial.


Extra Surplus Excess, Left over goods. Image is a house under construction with surplus material scattered about. AT this House is EXTRA construction material.

与 yu2 yu3 yu4


AND yu3

This one is the idea of mutuality, especially the mutual relation of reception by the younger generation from the donation of the elder generation.


欲 yu4


宇 yu3


雨 yu3


疑 yi2 uncertain, doubt, suspect, disbelieve.

疑 yi2

Uncertain, doubt, to suspect, to disbelieve.

Originally this was the image of a man with a walking stick as a representation of the idea of inquiry as to the proper way.
Later a road was placed to his right to make the idea clearer.
Still later, a foot symbol was added beneath that man to make the basic idea really clear.
An ox also appears in some images again to express the idea of not knowing the way: the man is guiding the ox and neither know the way.
This was then stylized and simplified to its present form.
It’s meaning extended over time to include extensions of the basic idea of uncertainty, lack of knowledge, to include disbelief, doubt, suspicion.
However, it’s core meaning is: uncertainty, implying inquiry.
This is one example where CEDict, which in many respects is very good, doesn’t reflect the Chinese language with perfect accuracy, which is tough since Chinese meanings often carry allusions and extensions not found in Western counterparts.

Uncertain, doubt, to suspect, to disbelieve.

On the left is a stylized and standardized image of a man. The top left is his open mouth asking the way bi3 匕. Yes, that character means spoon, knife, but here it is reused visually. Beneath him is shi3 矢 arrow which represents his body, his hand, and walking stick. Arrows of course represent direction, intention, awareness, focus so this stylization makes sense pictographically (his body) phonetically (sound clue as to pronunciation) and semantically (arrow as symbol of the man on his way, intent on his destination).

On the right is a representation of these ideas: the path he is on, the ox he is guiding, The top right is an inverted arrow: this figure is often used to represent the head, a circle, it’s usually pictographic. Here it is a remnant of the ox which the man is guiding, the ox also does not know the way.

Beneath is the foot figure zhi it represents the idea of his walking, that he is on a road and is also a pictographic remnant / standardization of the ox which was on his right.  https://hanziyuan.net/#疑

止 zhi3 stop https://hanziyuan.net/#

路 lu4 road https://hanziyuan.net/#

正zheng1 upright https://hanziyuan.net/#

疋 pi3, ya3  https://hanziyuan.net/#%E7%96%8B



Pangu (Chinese Pan-Atlas)

不知千年万年万年千年 I don’t know, thousands or tens of thousands of years?
终于终于醒过来醒过来 Finally finally awoke!
醒来是如此艰难 Awakening is like this, very hard.
擦一擦眼睛把世界看明白 wipe your eyes, look at the world, understand
清浊分明 混沌化开 distinguish clear from murky, chaos transforms and opens
清浊分明 混沌化开 distinguish clear from murky, chaos transforms and opens
从此有了阴晴暑寒 following this was shadow clarity heat and cold
从此有了兴替盛衰 following this was rise and fall, flourish and decline
从此有了日升月落 following this was sunrise and moon set
从此有了未来现在 following this was the future – now
从此就是天圆地方 following this then the round heaven, the square earth
从此就是五湖四海 following this then the five lakes, the four oceans
从此就是春华秋实 following this then spring flowers, autumn harvest
从此就是世世代代 following this then ages and generations
经历千载万载万载千载 experience a thousand loads ten thousand loads
一天一天站起来站起来 on one day – one day arose, stood up
一旦从梦中觉醒 following one dawn awoke in the middle of a dream
挺一挺腰杆把世界撑起来 standing straight, bearing a pole on the back, placing the world upright
生活起航 历史剪彩 life set sail! history’s ribbon was cut!
生活起航 历史剪彩 life set sail! history’s ribbon was cut!
从此有了阴晴暑寒 following this was shadow clarity heat and cold
从此有了兴替盛衰 following this was rise and fall, flourish and decline
从此有了日升月落 following this was sunrise and moon set
从此有了未来现在 following this was the future – now
从此就是天圆地方 following this then the round heaven, the square earth
从此就是五湖四海 following this then the five lakes, the four oceans
从此就是春华秋实 following this then spring flowers, autumn harvest
从此就是世世代代 following this then ages and generations


machine translation of poetry lol “Climbing Stork Tower”.

白日依山尽 bai ri yi shan jin
黄河入海流 huang he ru hai liu
欲穷千里目 yu qiong qian li mu
更上一层楼 geng shang yi ceng luo

Day after day
The Yellow River flows into the sea
Take it to the next level

Google… this is classical Chinese poetry. Not rap music.

Here’s my translation.

“The bright sun to the mountain goes

the yellow river to the ocean flows

the poor desire to see a thousand miles more

then climb up to a higher floor”

Maybe baidu does it better? Surprisingly it doesn’t do much better (usually fanyi.baidu.com does a better job than google translating Chinese).


Day by day

The flow of the Yellow River into the sea

in order to see far away

Take it to the next level


Maybe yandex??


Day by day
Yellow River into the sea
For a thousand miles
To the next level.


颂 song4 song

颂 song4 song

Song4 is a cognate. It means song in the poetic sense, ode, elegy, eulogy. Song in English also means poem but is rarely so used.

Gong1 public, duke, male on the left (phonetic) 公

Bei clam cowrie cash shell on the right 贝

(songs are performed in public for cash and are treasured)

+ 贝= 颂

螢 ying2 firefly

螢 ying2 firefly

火 火 huo3 fire
冖 mi4 cover
虫 chong2 invertebrate, creepy crawly flittiing flying
two fires on top, mi4 cover in the middle chong2 bug on the bottom fires represent
fire fire cover bug = firefly a pair of sparks in the dark a jar within to light the night firefly’s a real delight ying

Glowing. FIREFLY

How to memorize characters 看拆写比记 kan1 chai1 xie1 bi1 ji4

To memorize Chinese characters: look at them, then break them down into their componenents, then try to write them, then compare what you wrote with the character then remember all that.

Every character is a composite of sound and image to express an idea. It’s often to remember the meaning of the character than the sound since the characters are generally not phonetic. Likewise, it’s entirely possible to know a the meaning of a sound without knowing the character. Eventually however your knowledge of SOUND and IMAGE will line up! Especially if you know what the characters really mean using pictogram palace (free preview).

看拆写比 kan1 chai1 xie3 bi3 ji4

看 look at

拆 break down

写 write

比 compare

记 record, note, remember.

爰 yuan2 THUS 煖 nuan3 WARM

爰 yuan2

Pictograph of two hands pulling a thread as a symbol of the idea TO FOLLOW, THEREFORE, SEQUENCE, CONSEQUENTLY. Claws on top, hand on the lower right. Hand in the middle is a standardization, it used to be the thread, it’s a reuse of a character to depict something other than it’s main meaning.

暖 nuan3

The sun is on the left, Consequently it is WARM

煖 nuan3

A fire is on the left, Consequently it is WARM. This is a variant version of nuan3 暖 WARM.





做 versus 作 — a curious couple of characters!

做 zuo4

做 zuo4 is a VERY common character; it means to make, to do. Apparently it was coined recently since it does NOT appear in the liu shu tong, jia gu wen, or any other ancient sources.  Possibly it was coined to distinguish it from 作 zuo4 which ALSO means to make or do! Decomposing these characters may help.

This zuo4 做 should be understood as a hui yi zi, an associative compound character, person ren on the left and gu intentional on the right 故 gu4. 故 is a hand with a hammer on the left INTENTIONALLY hitting an old person to kill them and end their suffering. I promised you truth, not ponies.

ren+gu have no phonetic clue for zuo4 and so this 做 zuo4 must be an associative compound character and not a pictophonetic character. So this zuo4 做 means that which people intend to attain, and is make or do in exactly that sense.

Unlike 做, this zuo4, namely 作 is found in the oracle bone script.



乍 zha4

stitched spread out cloth as a symbol of work SPREAD, STAND ON END, BRISTLING by extension AT FIRST, ABRUPTLY as a cloth which breaks

Later determinanents were added to distinguish meaning from metaphor. https://hanziyuan.net/#乍


作 zuo4


work is that which is done by people thus the ren, person, on the left is added to show not the product itself but the production thereof. https://hanziyuan.net/#作



I hate to send you to look elsewhere but as a non-native speaker I must. Regarding the usage of the two zuo4 both of which mean MAKE, DO Angela Fang says…



秉 bing3

争 zheng1

zheng looks a lot like bing but its meaning is somewhat different.

bing3 means to grasp hold maintain hanziyuan.net/#秉

zheng1 means to contend fight contest hanziyuan.net/#争

both have a hand grasping in the middle coming from the right hand side. but bing3 just has he2 a grain stalk which that hand is grasping whereas zheng1 now features a second person ren2 abbreviated on top (it’s either dao1 knife or ren2 person, it’s abbreviated and polysemic, keyword daozitou). Originally that second person/knife was a hand and the two were contending for a slab of meat.


夬 缶 缺 It is CERTAIN that URNS are sometimes DEFICIENT…

缶 fou3

Pottery, jar, urn; it’s a mortar and pestle (or any other earthenware vessel), seen from the side. The mortar is on the bottom the pestle is on the top.


夬 guai4

Certain, decisive. Originally a foot on top a hand below indicating the idea of certainty through experience. Transformed to a large powerful men (da ren, fu ren) the foot now also represents his ring of authority on which he might bear his jade royal seal.


缺 que1

Deficiency lack absence; most often seen in 缺点 shortcoming default flaw.

This must be a hui yi zi, that is an associative compound character since it’s clearly not a pictogram or a pictophonetic character





落 (each, river luo, fall; drop.)

各 ge2 each

Mouth calls out. Foot then comes. EACH person comes when called.
stompmouth – foot on top of mouth: EACH is repressed!
EACH person has a foot and a mouth.
Don’t put your foot in your mouth.


洛 luo4 

the river luo
each person comes to the river luo.


落 luo4 fall, drop; la4 lag leave behind

fall, drop
fall like leaves drop like drips

夅 jiang4 descend
降 jiang4 fall

夂夊 zhǐ foot and foot-right-kua 㐄

Time for some game theory!

弈论 bo2yi4 lun4

博弈 boy2yi4 games (of a competitive nature) gamble+ancient name for wei qi.

论lun4 theory (talking around the wheel)


囚徒困境 qiu2 tu2 kun4 jing4

prisoner+disciple=prisoner (qiu2tu2 tudi de tu)

kun4jing4 predicament (kun4 tired difficulty jing4 border place territory boundary)

kun4jing4 does not appear to indicate the idea of lemma.


旗 Flag (Qi2)

旗 qi2 flag

This character is the image of a flag. Originally the flag was on the left; the character was simplified and standardized to its present form. The person in stocks (cangue) on the left originally was the guard tower holding the flag. The sideways/abbreviated ren2 person character on the top right was originally the flag, and appeared on the left on top of what is now the slave in stocks (cangue). The bottom right character originally was the kit and equipment of the color guard.

Today it may be most easily remembered as a square flag on the left with it’s penannt on the top right and the standard bearers kit and equipment on the lower right. Alternatively, you may like to think of the man in stocks on the left as the guard, the flag as a tool (qi2) on the lower right and the image of the penant on the top right.

In any case, tool on the lower left is also a phonetic clue: it says qi2 just like this character. A flag is a tool of state power, which includes the power to imprison exile guard and defend.

It is a pictophonetic character. Note that phonetic elements generally also are pictorial and/or semantic.

Free supplement to “Devil’s Diplomatic Dictionary” Mole; Poetic License to Ill

Mole (n.)
An infiltrator spy or other disloyal person. A disloyal spy, sent from the infernal world, to root out spies. Example sentences:
“A cat bumps into a dead mole.” 瞎猫碰到耗子
Must we suffer the infected people infecting each other and then emerging like morlochs and moles from their cavernous infection centers to infect the rest of us?
Must we hunt them ruthlessly and remorselessly like barrow wights seeking to feast on our flesh?
Is poetic license nought but a hunting permit for the most dangerous game?
License to Ill (n.)
The capacity of those who are well, to know what and with whom to jokify.

病 bing4 sick QI LAI.

病 bing4

bing4 means sick. It’s a picture of one’s ribs as a symbol of interior, inside and it is on a sickbed. the bed is sideways, the feet of the bed are on the left and the head of the bed is on top. See? Easy!

Sideways Sickbed + Inside? 病字偏旁! 就起来!Bingzi pianpang! Jiu qi lai!


条件 , 情况: tiao2jian4 versus qing2kuang4

Tiaojian条件,  qingkuang情况: tiaojian is a condition, like as in the clause of a contract. but qingkuang is a more general condition, situation, state. They are not exact synonyms but they are similar.

tiaojian CONDITION (a strip 条 + a piece (of cowhide) 件).
Tiao: this is a STRIP it is a Foot on top of a Tree. The foot stands on a strip of the tree’s branches.
Jian: is a Person next to a Cow. Guess who is gonna get turned into a PIECE of Leather?

qingkuang circumstance
qing is Heart + Clear Colored Green-Blue = FEELING 情qing

Ice+Big Brother=SITUATION. 况kuang

It’s freezing cold out my big brother has a heart set on clarity. These is the SITUATION in which we find ourselves. 情况qingkuang

静夜思 Still Night Thoughts jing4 ye4 si1

床前明 quan2 qian2 ming2 yue4 guang1
是地 yu2 shi4 di4 shang3 shuang1
ji3 tou2 wang4 ming2 yue4
di1 tou2 si1 gu4 xiang1

bright moon light before bed
doubtful is frost on land
lifting my head, hopeful bright moon
bowing my head, thinking of home

持 chi2 C.lasp H.old I.t

持 = 手 + 土 +

chi2 is a hand on the left (手shou3) a clump of earth on the top right (土tu3) and a pinching thumb on the bottom right (寸cun4)

u a r
n n tu3
4 d


“On the Beach”: A memoir

千山 the flight of a thousand birds cut short
径人 the tracks and traces of ten thousand extinguished
孤舟蓑 an old man alone in a boat in a wet raincoat
fishes in the frozen Yangtze river

all smiles kids

日 ri SUN 旦 dan DAWN 正 zheng UPRIGHT 是 shi IS

You are 是 standing upright 正 under the SHIning sun 日 at dawn 旦 and it’s a really hot day. This then is SHI是 and it means: to be. Shi’s character is a symbol: it’s a picture of the sun at dawn on top of a picture of a foot. Chinese characters are highly stylized standardized and simplified pictures. The idea of this shi is a person standing upright underneath the dawning sun. Chinese verbs don’t conjugate. That means i SHI you SHI we SHI – it’s always shi! Chinese has the simplest grammar. Verbs don’t have to agree in number or gender because Chinese doesn’t have gender or plurals really or conjugations. Let’s be egoists. Wo is Chinese for I. You can remember it with the word ego, which sounds similar I guess if you slur the g softly like – aygho – wo. Chinese wo also rhymes with Spanish yo, which also means I. So “Wo Shi”. I am! You are: ni shi. We are women shi. Can you guess what adding -men to wo does? Yes, it makes the plural, but Chinese plural only exists for people, not things. So nimen is you plural. Ta means he, but since Chinese has no gender it also means she. Can you guess what tamen means? Yep! It means them. And just like that you learned all the conjugations of to be in Chinese whether in the past present or future! Singuler: Wo shi. Ni shi. Ta shi. Plural: Women shi. Nimen shi. Tamen shi. You also learned four characters:
日 ri SUN
旦 dan DAWN
正 zheng UPRIGHT
是 shi IS

春眠不觉晓 chun mian bu jue shao

chun mian bu jue shao
处处闻啼chu chu wen ti niao
风雨声 ye lai feng yu sheng
知多hua luo zhi duo shao

dormant in spring, not asleep at dawn
hear and there the calling cry of birds
evening arrives with wind rains sound
how much do falling flowers know?

Side Hustle: Similar looking pianpang

廴 yin3

long road. Sometimes reported as long legged strider, which does’t seem to be the case; this is also not a picture of a stylized and simplified hand overtaking a person. It is variant of

彳 chi4

road, walk to emphasize the road is VERY long.

辵 chuo4 ⻍, ⻎ or ⻌

walk abbreviated form: 辶 (may have one or two dots on top, may have a curve in the middle left depending on font). These four all seem to be expressing the same idea. It’s a road, and/or a person walking along it. Yin just happens to be a much longer road.

None of the above are t to be confused with

及 ji2

which is a hand on the right grabbing a person on the left, as a symbol of:
to overtake, exceed, catch up to. No road here, just a chase and a catch. Nor to be confused with

乃 nai3

thus, then, hence: mother’s breast as symbol of consequence. No road here either.

常尝 look alike. sound the same. similar meanings! 我常常尝试.

常尝 chang2

常 this chang2 means often, repeatedly.

尝 this chang2 means taste try attempt.

they both have “esteemed” shang4 尚 (still, yet, to hold in high esteem; we Still go Toward that we Esteem 向xiang4) on top as the phonetic clue. The semantic key is the other part, for chang2 often we see a hanging curtain, which is often opened and often closed, i.e. a doorway’s curtain. 常

The other chang2 which means taste try attempt has a cloud underneath it; the cloud symbolizes the idea of changeability and possibility, possibly better weather, possibly worse weather, possibly shade, possibly sun. The great hall of heaven has a billowing white cloud underneath it may be a nice way to remember chang2 taste try attempt.尝




辛苦 xinku 幸福 xingfu

This is Xin1. It’s a picture of a dagger used to inflict corporal punishment on prisoners. So it means pain, painful, spicy-hot like chilis but most frequently is seen in xinku which means to work very hard. PAIN, HARDSHIP, HARD WORK, SPICY-HOT

N.asty XIN1

This is Xing. It looks like Xin. It sounds like Xing. But it means the exact opposite: Xing is a picture of two prisoners bound by shackles at the feet, who are about to be absolved and released and thus are LUCKY


临 lin2 FACE OVERLOOK ARRIVE 监 jian1 HARD JAIL SUPERVISE DIRECT CONTROL (look alikes with similar significations)

临 lin2

监 jian1


This is a highly stylized and simplified picture of a person bending over and inspecting, examining, objects. The person is on the top right, his eyeball has been simplified to two sticks on the left, the objects he is inspecting used to be three kou which were also a simplification of the picture of objects, now it is a weird horizontal ri and a dot on top. This simplification might be easier to write but is so deformed from the original as to be barely evident even to the trained eye.


Likewise terribly simplified. It’s a picture of a person kneeling down looking into a dish. The dish is on the bottom and is the only element which isn’t deformed. The bamboo tip on the right top is actually ren person. The two lines on the left are a stylized simplification of his big ol eyeball.

氐 底 氏 shi 派 民 foundation background clan party nation

氐 di

dao di

氏 shi

派对 pai dui

民族 min zu

These vocabulary look alike but sound different yet all concern constituents of the state.

氏 shi

clan. image was originally of a man bowing to the ground. now is a cliff and a war-dart, the idea that this clan resides at a cliff and is armed.

氐 di

foundation; name of an ancient tribe. It’s an image of the roots of a tree; or those with war-darts residing at the base of a certain cliff. the dot is ideographic indicating the idea of the lowest point of the root system of the clan, whether that root system is of a literal tree or a metaphor of the family tree.

底 di

background foundation base: the literal broad cliff where the people who call themselves the tribe dwelling at the base of the cliff live.


到底 dao di

fundamentally, in the end, in the final analysis reached the base of it all, the root of it all


民族 min zu

body+dart=nation. the nation is an armed body.

flag+person+arrow=race, ethnic group (usually, a minority). Armed people with a flag. They are not merely a group of relatives they are also politically organized.

派对 pai dui part (social, not political) but

派 pai means streams of thought, intellectual currents, by extension school of thought; but also clique, sect, faction. It is a tributary river next to another river. Without the three dots of water on the left determinant it means tributary


Connected Clashing Characters (Dissonance)

答含 he2 gei3 da2 han2

gu3 su2

容溶 rong2

合 he close 

mouth on top with something inside it as a dot below another mouth. two people kissing as symbol of closed

盒 he box

the noune form of the verb he close

给 gei give

a cognate! hold it close and kiss it because it is very lonely.

答 da answer reply return 荅


bamboo box; i suppose the bamboo symbolizes a

含 han

keep, suck on; lit. to contain in one’s mouth

谷 gu

valley, grain (grain comes from valleys).


custom convention popular coarse vulgar


hold contain countenance



Apparently these are mostly combined concept characters (hui yi si 会意思). I don’t think language drift can explain these dissonances. Some are of course pictophonetic (形声字). Anyway they are all frequent and easily confused and should be memorized by rote. Repetition is the mother of learning.


Tall Bridge for Emigrant Chinese 乔桥侨 q.uite i.mpressive a.ltitude o.ver

齐匀习 qi2 yun2 xi2 yu3 shao2 diao1
桥乔侨 qiao2
轿 jiao1 jiao4 jiao1


齐qi means level, neat, even; it is a synonym of yun 匀, which means equally distributed. 匀 Yun seems more about weight and equality whereas qi齐 seems to be more about surface areas and equal  heights.

匀yun looks like 习xi which is a fledgling birds wing as symbol of the idea of training and practice. 羽yu is the literal wing, it is a pictogram. 勺shao is a spoon with an object the dot of food on it. 刁diao is a daggar held in the mouth. These are look alikes only. They have different etymologies.

齐qi Level also looks a lot like jiao 乔 Tall. Jiao乔 means tall


乔桥侨 qiao2

乔Tall 乔

桥Bridge 桥

侨Emigrant 侨


娇轿骄 jiao

娇Pampered 娇

轿Arrogant 轿 he’s on his High horse with a War Chariot

骄Sedan Chair 骄 she’s on her High Horse carried aloft by four friends – or are they coolies?

艰 jian1 : difficult, hard, hardship

艰 jian1

stumbled on a stubborn stump in the ground looked down grabbed with my hand HARDSHIP is J.ust I.ncredibaly A.nnoying, N.o? JIAN1

Hand+Stopped*Staring = 艰

It’s composed of of hand on the left you4 and stopped & staring person  gen on the right. The eyeball is simplified to the same character as the sun.

艮 gen

this is a picture of a person stopped and staring down and backward. eyeball on top, two legs below x (or is it Y?) at the bottom is the root they are stumbling over.

良 liang

良 liang  good : it’s a picture of a pot of food. The dot on top indicates the lid’s handle. A big pot of fresh food as symbol of good, fresh, much.

带常堂 Belt Often Great-Hall 鱼龟黾 蝇 fish frog toad fly (easily confused characters…)


belt often great-hall

dai4 chang2 tang2

Belt and Often look similar but are different in sound and meaning. Belt has an image of the belt as three lines through one line on top. Beneath is 巾 jin cloth

In contrast “often” has the abbreviated form of shang 尚 on top as a sound clue.

Tang, hall, as in great hall, room, has the symbol for earth beneath the abbrievated form of shang 尚.

fish frog toad fly

yu2 gui1 min3 ying4

需要,隔离,and 买到。

需要 require,

隔离 separate


Rain on a beard? Snow sweeper MUST Xu1. 需
Booze on top of a girl? WANTS Yao1 要
隔Sideways Mountain+Tripod Pot= Ge2 SEPARATE (Mountain are different from dinner pots) 隔
Brain box on top of a sexy ass w/ swinging tail below? UNICORN, LEAVE li2 离
Big head on a roof with nothing on top? BUY mai as in my 买
Arrow hitting the earth on the left, swords on the right? REACH, TO Dao 到

乂义 丈 史 吏 使更 便 govern justice husband historian civil servant ambassador more convenient

乂义丈史吏使更便 in this character series we see the unfolding of an abstract concept into its various concrete instances. Meanings: govern justice husband historian civil servant ambassador more convenient. Details follow.


regulate govern control “x marks the spot”. yi4


justice. this is simplified. revolutionary justice is execution: it doesn’t just look like a skull and crossbones. yi4

丈 zhang

Literally ten feet but much more frequently as zhangfu, husband. zhang4

史 shi

Originally an ambassador who would go to the neutral zone between (中) two armies. So it is a distortion of zhong1 (中). In modern Chinese: a historian. shi3

吏 li

Memotechnique: Mr. Li is a civil servant. 李先生 是一位 吏

Although the name li (李) means plum tree the term li means civil servant, functionnaire, bureaucrat. li4

使 shi3

Ambassador. To differentiate the ambassador from a mere historian or civil servant administrative scholar the human determinant is added to the left. 大使馆 dashiguan embassy. shi3

更 geng

This is the night watchman he bears a drum and beats out the time every Two Hours. By extension: exchange, rotation. The idea is that of the night watchman so it’s meaning requires a bit of context. The guard walks the central () field (田) between two competing armies. His patrol rounds are TWO HOURS; CHANGING (of the guard). geng1 One civil servant walks the field at two a.m. to sound the night watch of the changing of the guard.

更 geng

This is the night watchman  By extension: more. His patrol is two MORE hours. One civil servant walks the field (田) at two a.m. to sound the night watch of the changing of the guard. geng4

便 bian

Convenient; euphemism for using the toilet because it is ORDINARY and CONVENIENT to USE THE TOILET

Memotechnique: some guy at 2 a.m. off to the side of the night watchman taking a piss in the woods. This is why he is not an ambassador historian or civil servant! bian4

便 pian

Cheap, inexpensive. Pian2. CHEAP things cost a penny pianyi. Cheap things are convenient.

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is a bad translation.



“The words of Confucius: Do not look at that which is improper, do not listen to that which is improper, do not say that which is improper, and do not do that which is improper.” Analects


子曰、非礼 勿视、非礼勿听、非礼勿言、非礼勿动。
Zǐ yuē, fēilǐ wù shì, fēilǐ wù tīng, fēilǐ wù yán, fēilǐ wù dòng.


Bright day is how short? So short.
Thousand years full of hardship
Vault of heaven so vast
Thousand thieves too grand
Two tresses hang from her temples
One half’s already frost
Heaven’s emperor doesn’t see jade maid
grand laugh falls on a million threshing floors
I wish to seize six dragons
Return the vehicle suspended by Shangri La
The big dipper pours fine wine
Heaven’s dragon drinks a draught
fame and fortune undesired
one stays by the face of light








Getting My Goat: KFTG.

羊 goat
羊肉 goat meat
群 crowd
群众 masses
海洋 ocean
海洋馆 customs house
怎么样 how about
不怎么样 not much
一样 same thing
样子 appearance face visage
各种各样 any type, any kind, i.e. assorted
样式 type, style
榜样 example, model
模样 look style fashion of appearance
样品 sample specimen
照样 as usual
氧气 oxygen
二氧化碳 carbon dioxide to be continued and colorized



饲养 它们在农场里饲养动物




佥: 检, 俭, 捡, 剑, 脸, 险, 签, 验 J.udgement, I.nspection A.nd selectioN

qian1 all

检 jian3 check inspect examine

俭 jian3 frugal thrifty

捡 jian3 collect gather

剑 jian4 sword

脸 lian3 visage face

险 xian3 danger

签 qian1 signature

验 yan4 examine inspect

佥 is a simplified character. The simplified form resembles a box of lots as in draw straws. In Chinese culture such lots were used not only for divination but also were used by courts when issuing sentences of judgement. Thus the idea of the image is inspection selection judgement. These are all final -ian and  initial j,q,x are the most frequent initials. Words that rhym with IAN and imply inspection selection and judgement are indicated.

佥 ALL – looks like an A on top of an L.
Depicts a box of lots. ALL have a destiny, a fate. qian1



捡 HANDs ALL PICK UP things such as cast lots. jian3

剑 ALL KNIVES may be used as SWORDS jian4

脸 BODIES: ALL have a FACE lian3


签 BAMBOO brushes are used in ALL SIGNATURES qian1




qin2jian3 dilligence

lian3hong1 blush

保险bǎoxiǎn insurance
fēngxiǎn risk
màoxiǎn adventure
wei1xian3 danger

qiānshǔ signature
qiānzhèng visa

化验Huàyàn chemical test
jiǎnyàn test
考验kǎoyàn  ordeal
试验shìyàn experiment
yànshōu check and accept
验证yànzhèng test and verify

12 earthly branches mnemonics


Zi chǒu yín
mǎo chén sì
wǔ wèi
shēn yóu
xū hài

z ch y m ch s w w sh y x h

zun cho-clown
12 noon-woo
yo hshu spear

one-son ugly-clown
target-tiger mortise-mao
clam-cutter snaky-baby
12-noon not-yet
lightning-god candle-cause
seven-spear big-boar

zee cho yin mao chen
see woo way shen shoo
yo hi

北斗七星 the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper Ursa Major

北斗七星 bei dou qi xing ursa major

天枢  SKY PIVOT (贪狼 voracious wolf) 
天璇 HEAVENLY JADE (巨门 big gate)
天玑 SK PEARL (禄存 lucky deposit) 
天权  HEAVENLY POWER (文曲  cultured song) 
玉衡 JADE MEASURE (廉贞 incorruptible chaste)
开阳  OPEN SUN (武曲 martial song)
瑶光  JADE LIGHT (破军 broken army)
左辅 LEFT AID (洞明 bright cave) 

真 zhen1 其 qi2 具ju4

These three characters look alike and are high frequency, they are good characters for judgement.

真 zhen1

is originally an image of two people at a food pot: the food is represented by the cross on top and it is GENUINE. The two people transformed into two hands beneath the food pot is the square in the middle. They are inspecting the food to make sure it is GENUINE
Newbies REAL

其 qi2

this is a high frequency example of a rare method for forming characters: 假借 iǎ jiè or “borrowed” “phonetic loan” characters. It’s an image of a woven dustpan, but that character was “borrowed” to represent the same sound in the more general context of IT HIS HERS THEIR SUCH THAT
Basket on top, 2 graspy hands below.

Intellectuals IT



is the image of two hands (the dots below) handling a pot of food on top (the square with lines). See hanziyuan thereto.


家具 jia1ju4 furniture
面具 mian4ju4 mask
具 ju4 tool

So here is a sample sentence using all three:

我不是魔鬼,我是真的。 其他的人穿面具,我没有。

真 real
生活的其他的人 the lives of others
面具 masks

List of Chinese huiyizi (associative idea characters)

Hui yi zi are those characters formed by combining two other characters to express some meaning common to both; the canonical example is ming, bright, congming de ming. It’s the image of the sun and moon together in the sky; the two brightest objects representing together the idea “bright”.

This is a list of Chinese huiyizi. I do not know with certainty whether it is complete, it likely isn’t since around 15% of Chinese characters are huiyizi.

Unfortunately I have yet to find a really good translation of hui yi zi: it literally means “meeting idea characters”. I translate it as associative idea characters, which is the concept, but unfortunately there seems to be no canonical term for them in English, even though they are an important character class and are why students have difficulty pronouncing characters. If you know you are looking at a huiyizi and not a picto-phonetic character you are likelier to recognize its’ meaning and even to recall its pronunciation.

I have not yet added definitions of these terms to this list. This post is thus just a placeholder for now.


临 乂 乎 乍 乔 乖 乘 与 丈无 东 丛 丝 丞 两 丧 习 乡买 乱 乳 之 义 公 共 兴 兵典 具 美 羡 匀 包 匏 冰 凝占 卧 厚 原 分 争 初 免 划则 别 利 删 剂 制 剌 剥 劓允 兄 光 先 二 元 亟 些 区匹 匠 阴 阵 陆 邮 陟 隙 兑兼 几 凭 卫 印 即 卸 卿 内再 冒 功 加 劣 劫 劳 军 农冠 冥 冤 从 今 仄 令 会 企众 佥 俞 仆 仁 什 付 仟 仕仙 伐 伏 件 伍 休 伊 伫 佞位 作 佰 佩 保 便 侵 信 俯倌 偫 半 卉 华 协 卖 县 亡充 享 计 讨 讷 设 诂 建 及双 友 取 受 叟 叠 艺 芝 芬芟 苗 茁 荡 荧 莽 莫 蒐 葬蔑 蔚 屯 往 征 得 御 微 州进 连 运 送 退 逐 逸 对 寻封 尉 尊 天 夯 央 夺 夹 夷奔 奋 奉 奇 奏 套 奚 并 左差 引 弢 弦 弱 开 异 弄 弃庆 库 康 庸 廛 归 彗 市 师希 句 古 号 可 叵 史 台 右合 后 吉 吏 名 同 吹 吠 否告 君 启 吴 员 咎 命 咸 哥哭 啮 啬 商 喜 器 嚣 驭 驳骥 闪 闭 闯 间 闰 闲 闹 阋阉 安 守 宋 定 官 审 实 宜宗 宦 室 宪 家 害 宰 寇 寒寡 奴 妃 妇 奸 好 如 妥 妻妾 委 娣 婴 岔 岐 岳 彤 彪彭 尹 尼 局 尿 尾 履 饮 饺士 扫 报 折 投 找 拘 招 授掩 揣 汉 汲 沙 法 泅 洄 津流 涉 渔 渊 潀 纱 绞 绝 绥绵 巽 圭 圳 坚 坐 城 墙 壑囚 因 困 国 囷 图 尧 外 舛多 夙 少 尘 尖 尚 恒 愎 憔幼 尨 就 冬 处 夏 孕 孙 季孰 孱 负 贞 败 贯 贰 贼 赘赢 比 毕 羔 焦 爇 轰 辇 辔死 料 危 旅 族 成 戎 戍 戒我 或 戕 戛 戟 戾 扁 扇 灰灾 灶 炎 炙 炽 烦 焚 燧 燮既 见 规 觅 览 斩 断 斯 老耇 笔 毳 束 杲 构 林 枚 析枭 杳 枣 柬 栗 桑 梁 梦 棘棉 森 牟 牡 牦 牧 牒 牖 改攸 攽 敖 敢 教 敬 款 献 旬早 旨 昌 昊 昏 昆 明 春 是显 昼 晃 晋 晨 晶 暴 氓 礼社 神 祝 承 拜 拿 挚 殷 沓淼 王 珑 班 必 态 您 悉 惠意 愚 慝 懑 爽 曳 最 有 肘肥 服 肯 育 脉 胤 脆 朔 望朝 爰 支 此 步 武 歪 百 皆甚 甜 秀 秉 科 秦 穗 钊 针钩 立 竞 竟 章 竦 盈 盍 监益 盗 盟 監 盥 毒 直 看 省相 真 睡 睿 瞢 矗 疾 鸣 鸷皮 生 磊 知 短 示 祟 祭 票禀 罗 罚 罢 罨 置 罪 羁 甸男 界 畋 畏 畜 留 穿 窃 突窅 窑 窜 疏 虫 蚀 蛊 耐 耍聂 联 虐 虔 臾 臿 舀 耨 粉粪 紧 素 索 累 絷 色 艳 舌行 衍 襄 笑 等 筋 筮 算 臭采 辱 赤 赫 谷 解 里 豚 辟辞 詈 警 邑 邕 酋 酒 酣 酥酱 醉 走 足 龀 金 銜 青 食飧 鲁 鲜 雪 需 霍 隽 雀 骨髦 麻 黑 黥 鼓 鼻 颓 颢 频顷 顺 衰 表 羹 衅 裂



O.bserve M.y G.lorious NET罒

It is the observant eye of providence looking upon the glorious realm for any who violate law entrapping such in a NET.

It is both EYE and NET.

Gaze of gauze.


Cover, Shade.

Net Eyeball on top.
Excellence zhou underneath.


Beware my powerful purpose.


lao2gong4 jie4ji2

the working class


who has power in the farmer’s stall? grass+roof+power=work

gears TOOL (picture of ancient chinese spade-fork).

jie RANK
(at the foothills outside the city +
insert, introduce  — overlapping scaled armor=

(honored scroll of thread+overtake=Degree)


heart radical


xin heart kuai quick man slow qing emotion wang forget (mang blind)




mao hat man long handsome man inundate free unrestrained man de lian ai

燥躁趮 zao

bath parched hot tempered pearled pendant easily provoked

喿 sao chirping of birds

衄 bloody nose makes me look like a clown nv4

衃 pei

tiao3 carry on a pole (hand plus omen; because omens would be carried around for all to see, I guess)

xin4 blood sacrifice (blood drop on top left dripping into a sacrificial dish on bottom left, symbol of split in half on the right, I believe it’s a tree trunk split down the middle.)

tiao3 xin4. provoke (hand+omen)+(blood+split in half)=PROVOCATION

黄huang yellow

yellow originally da big + sun ri. simplified and added jade yellow necklace to make the point clearer. I have seen this elsewhere as an archery target or perhaps cured leather which changes its color when stretched out in the sun. Whatever it’s etymology HUANG2 = YELLOW.



Pictophonetic characters are so named because they are chosen to complement each other by example; e.g.  Yangtze, river.



stall, prison. cow under a roof is it’s picture. this one is a huiyizi.

linkword: lousy 牢子 lao zi.


囚犯躲开了打击 the prisoner dodged the blow

石岩沙矿硬 石英 石像

盜 dao drooling and obnoxious THIEF


Thief. It is literally an image of a thief drooling on top of a gold bowl. Top left is dots of sputum. Below is the gold bowl. On the top right is the thief.



si4miao4 temple ancestral shrine
pinch earth on the left cause of the universal shelter on the right
O.rnate TEMPLE


shi1 poem

I.ncantation POEMS





et cetera,


无为而治 don’t worry: GOVERNANCE.


[wú wéi ér zhì]

govern by doing nothing that goes against nature


link-word: worry

memotechnique: don’t worry



Reads  BUT


government is the public stage upon which public life starts;
governance addresses the rights and duties to public waters and waterways such as wells rivers streams and oceans.

shui3 neng2 zai3 zhou1, yi4 neng2 fu4 zhou1

water carries the boat but can also capsize it …

监 篮 蓝 surveiller et punir

监 篮 蓝 jian1 lan2 lan2 This character series has been simplified beyond recognition. The bottom part min dish pan may also be a simplification or reuse of eye or net, since there is certainly the sense of caught up in with these three characters. This was originally the image of a man with a big eye inspecting a dish.

stick stick bamboo pan rhymes with lan
gun gun zhuzitou min stupid character let me in!

jian prison inspect supervise hard


luo is Chinese for multistory building which is woven together like a basket.



blue, indigo plant

I dislike this character because it was simplified beyond any recognition, and this simplification occurred prior to AND after the CCP took power. It should simply be redone entirely OR restored to something much closer to its oracle bone form since most writing these days is typing and not hand writing.

Ash Wednesday 天地社会

里 li3

dirt tu3 土
IN a field 田tian2

In, Lining the idea is also the LIning INside of a coat. 裡 li3

黑/黒 hei1

Black. Both these mean black. They are the image of a person with a blackened face, their face is blackened with ash. The character has been simplified from a picture of a big man (da4 ren de da). His face is up on top with  2 dots of ash to show the idea of BLACK DARK. These are the same character one is a Japanese variant.

Four burning coals on the bottom, two dots of ash on the face in China, no need to bother with the extra 2 dots in Japan.

墨 mo4

smudge stick

Dirt tu3 on the bottom is the idea of the inkpot. This is the mo of moshui, Chinese ink. It’s made from water and burnt ashes.

黯 an4

an4 dark, deep black, probably matte black as opposed to glossy black since this character also means dull.

hei1an4 dark, darkness

hei1ban3 blackboard


hei1 she4hui4

Criminal society.

hei1 shi4 black market
Linkword: Hei! Shi’s a prostitute!


literally black hand; criminal; refers to an individual not a group, cf. English “the black hand”,  an historical criminal society.

memotechnique: Hey! Show?


Secret society 秘密社团, 秘密社会


Ke4! shang ke!


this ke is the FRUIT OF THE LECTURE

this ke is the MOUTH Going to CRUNCH SEEDS from a Pan


All are 4th tone. shan

qi3 open

dakai de yi si

hand knocks on door; mouth asks “who’s there”, hand opens door.

Oracle bone script had no mouth. Simplified has no hand.


Open Mouth
Push Door with Hand
Now QI3

妙语如珠 Clever words like pearls 女少 言五口 女口 王朱

语如 clever words are like pearls

Miao4 yu3 ru2 zhu1

妙 miao4


bservation CLEVER

woman on the left 女, few on the right 少; few women are clever (to be clever is outstanding and thus rare) and clever women use few words.

语 yu

language, words


5 mouths talking 言五口. talking on the left言, 5 on top right五, mouth on the lower right 口

如 ru

like, as

Understood LIKE, AS

mouthy on the right woman on the left, she said it was just LIKE that AS a symbol of comparison.

珠 zhu

pearl/pearls. Jade on the left shows it’s a precious hard structured and possibly well worked item

王 wang king on the left but as a radical often means jade because the king’s men carried a jade amulet as the seal of royal authority proving their power. The right is a chopped log seen from above 朱zhu1, we can see it’s spiral ring structure, it means red because the interior of a chopped tree is reddish.

Linkword JEWEL pearls are ZHUals.

Miao4 yu3 ru2 zhu1 “speech is silver”


㳄 xian2

kou shui de yi si 口水的意思

Xian isn’t in CEDict, I haven’t checked in Pleco or GoldenDict yet. Point is this is a word: it means water at the mouth, whether saliva, snot, spittle, sputum or whatever you want to call that ugly disgusting green goober o god you better not have sars or coronavirus or flu fml.

Long and short is this is a word: three dots of water on the left as the semantic component. Big wide opened pie-hole on the right (all we know from that image is his mouth is open wide we don’t know why from the image alone). So it’s a big pie-hole gaping maw of a mouth with water right on it. Menschlich, allzu menschlich.

次  ci4


Interval NEXT

big wide mouth spitting water out what has he got coronavirus no doubt

盗 dao4

sick man on a pan out to STEAL your stuff



日有所思夜游所梦 Days of thoughts and nights of dreams.


lit: day has thus thoughts. In other words: day-to-day there are thought. we think every day / in the day.

lit: night roam so dreams. In other words: Each night we dream

ri4 you3 suo3 si1, ye4 yong2 suo3 meng4

Your day is care, your nights aware.


We ask heaven, heaven does not reply. Could it be that heaven also does not understand?


Game Theory

Antolf, Antolf Hiveler, and Hiveler are trademarks of  “You XI Games” and Eric Engle, author of “The Rise of the Ants” “The War of the Ants” and “Antopolis”, which are all also trademarked.

Cheng Yu for ”More Heat than Light” (Wuhan)

reflect fan3ying4


strike grab palm the cliff (stopped by opposition) central light returns to central source
light comes back REFLECTED from its surface

strike grab palm the cliff (stopped by opposition) a happy campfire beneath a cliff HEAT returns (simplified character)

If you touch a super-heated rock of course you will REACT in pain.

If you run your Hand up Against a phosphorescent rock (Cliff) light will REFLECT

Traditional: the bird man sings from his heart beneath the cliff in RESPONSE (traditional character )

More heat than light

fire burns all brows huo3 shao1 mei2 mao2 (0)

燃眉急 ran2 mei2 zhi3 ji2
burnt brows are nervous

Decrypt: The situation is desperate, however if we are injured thereby so also are you.

Cribs: This is an excellent source for chengyu cribs.

Fermi’s Paradox (Redux)

We are probably not alone but also probably hundreds of light years at least from the nearest advanced civilization so it would be communication with uh oh about a 500 year time lag presuming light speed in fact is the max speed possible. That means when we finally find each other we would have to wait hundreds of years for a reply. It would be like talking with a 500+ year lag between messages.
so yeah, we might not be alone. but guess what, they might be so far away it is the same thing as if they were, barring some breakthrough in our understanding of physics which would allow us to bend space-time we’re probably fucked, just not the way we usually think.


由聯想 字 Cognitive Association of Characters

由聯 = you2 lian2xiang3 zi

you2 cause origin source reason following from; one view is this is an ancient oil-skin.









linking characters by causal conceptions


Thanks upline! I love you so much and couldn’t do any of it without you!


樹 tree shu secure housing unit

倒 dao directly admit and observe INVERT

husun = monkeymonkey = macaque

散 san sow scatter distribute

Tree falls, monkeys scatter.

Shu Tree+Drum+Thumb
San To cast in a cross-hatched manner. S.ow A.nd N.ourish

恐怖分子 “which way the WIND blows”

恐 fear kong

Gong on top left is phonetic. 工

Wind or knife on the right shows the wind of change that fearsome thing

心 xin Heart beneath tells us this is an emotional or intellectual state

怖 terror bu

Heart on the left (abbreviated form) this is an emotional or intellectual state

布 bu woven cloth on the right is phonetic but also a metaphor: your fears cover you, blind you, choke you like cloth

分 fen divide split apportion

eight 八 ba on top knife 刀 dao below, the knife chops downward, splits 1 一 yi1 into 8 八.

子 zi suffix like “-ist” “-err” “-ette”

One who divides up and apportions fear and terror. In other words: a t ERR OR ist. kongbufenzi


On the left is the dog determinant: it’s used for four legged furry animals.

On the right is hou which means marquis. The monkey is like a marquis, an intelligent man.

猴子 an animal, like a marquis (monkey)
侯 marquis. hou4. (archery training)

候 to wait (originally: as in ambush)

UP a monkey waits like a marquis in ambush!

Vocab w/linkword and concept mnemonics

clan flag posted+crossroads=tourism
hulianwang isn’t WLAN but rhymes.
seit dann jiran
继续 continue jixu

=strange foreigner standing up as on a horse but in a house=lodged, posted; thus also post, entrust. G.I.

加班 jobben d.h. Ueberstunden
family furnishings jiaju
jiage gouge gage (Fr.) price

(personal introduction+pattern customer)

chinchy. lower (the price) jianchi
lose weight; caveat also=fertilizer.
减少 reduce+few jianshao

白云苍狗 Cheng Yu

Chinese proverbs are often expressed as four character set-expressions. These are called “cheng yu”. Unlike most other languages such proverbs appear often used in Chinese culture so they are not mere curiosities.


白 white (bai2)

云 clouds (yun2)

苍 dark blue, dark green, ash gray (cang1)

狗 dog (gou3)

White Clouds, Grey Dogs

6 methods

象形字 pictogram
指事字 ideogram; symbol (indicative character)
会意字 associative idea character; combined ideogram
形声字 pictophonetic character; keyed hieroglyph


转注 transfer character example qita de qi

假借 phonetic loan

Vocabulary List

拓展 tuozhan expend
融资 financing rongzi
上线 online
推出 push out
金融产品 financial product
上市 mu zi / mu ci fundraising
yi 100mega
套 cover set suite




Kangxi Radicals (Bushou)

Can you learn 214 new letters? Yes you can! Are these 214 letters the basis of ALL other Chinese characters? Yes they are! Chong bai, ming bai.

人	人	亻	human, person, people	ren2	今仁休位他	Note similarity with 八, which means eight.	单人旁(亻),人字头(人)
口	口		mouth, opening	kou3	古可名告知	Note similarity with 囗, which always encloses characters, and means enclosure.	口字旁
土	土		earth	tu3	在地型城地	Note similarity with 士, which has a longer upper stroke and shorter bottom one, and means scholar.	提土旁
女	女		woman, female	nv3	好妄始姓安		女子旁
心	心	忄,⺗	heart	xin1	必忙忘性想		竖心旁(忄),心字底(心),竖心底(⺗)
手	手	扌,龵	hand	shou3	持掌打抱押		提手旁(扌),看字头(龵),手字旁(手)
日	日		sun, day	ri4	白百明时晩	Note similarity with 曰, which is broader and lower, and means to say. Also note 白 which means white.	日字旁
月	月		moon, month	yue4	有服青朝明	This radical is actually two: moon 月 and meat 肉, but in modern Chinese, they look the same in most cases。	月字旁
木	木		tree	mu4	板相根本林	Note similarity with 禾, which means grain.	木字旁
氵	氵	水,氺	water	shui3	永泳海洋沙	Note similarity with 冫, which means ice.	水字旁(水),三点水(氵),泰字底水(氺)
火	火	灬	fire	huo3	灯炎焦然炸		火字旁(火),四点底(灬)
纟	糹	糸	silk	(mi4)	纪纸累细绩		绞丝旁(纟),独立绞丝(糸)
艹	艹	艸	grass	cao3	花英苦草茶	Note that when the radical is on top, the traditional variant has four strokes.	草字头(艹)
讠	訁	言	speech	yan2	说讲识评试		言字旁(讠)
辶	辶	⻍	walk	(chuo4)	迎通道这近		走之旁(⻌)
钅	釒	金	gold, metal	jin1	银针钱铁钟		金字旁(钅)
刂	刂	刀	knife, sword	dao1	分切初利刻	Note similarity with 力, which means force.	立刀旁(刂),刀字旁(刀)
宀	宀		roof	(mian2)	守家室字宅	Note similarity with 冖, which means cover, and with 亠, which means lid.	宝盖头
贝	貝		shell	bei4	财贪货贸员	Note similarity with 见, which means to see.	贝字旁
一	一		one	yi1	三旦正百天		横
力	力		power, force	li4	力加助勉男	Note similarity with 刀, which means knife.	力字旁
又	又		right hand	you4	反取受左友		又字旁
犭	犭	犬	dog	(quan3)	犯狂狗献猪	Note similarity with 大, which means big.	反犬旁(犭),犬字旁(犬)
禾	禾		grain	(he)	利私季和香	Note similarity with 木, which means tree.	禾木旁
⺮	⺮	竹	bamboo	zhu2	笑第简筷算		竹子头(竹字头)
虫	虫		insect	chong2	強独蛇蛋蚊	Even though this radical means insect, it's used for many organisms which aren't insects according to our taxonomy.	虫字旁
阜	阝left		mound, dam	(fu4)	防阻陆院陈	Note that there are two radicals which look like this. On the left, it means mound, dam, and on the right, it means city.	双耳刀(左耳刀)
大	大		big, very	da4	天尖因奇美		大字旁(头)
广	广		house on cliff	guang3	店府度座庭	Note similarity with 厂, which means cliff (i.e. without the house).	广字旁
田	田		field	tian2	思留略番累		田字旁
目	目	罒	eye	mu4	眼睛看相省	Note that the horizontal version can also mean net.	目字旁(目),四字头(罒)
石	石		stone	shi2	砂破碑矿码		石字旁
衤	衤	衣	clothes	yi1	初被裁裤袜	Note similarity with  礻, which means sign, show or spirit.	衣字旁(衤)
足	足	⻊	foot	zu2	跑跨跟路距		足字旁
马	馬		horse	ma3	码驾骂驻妈		马字旁
页	頁		leaf	ye4	顺须领预顶		页字旁
巾	巾		turban, scarf	(jin1)	市布帝帐帽		巾字旁
米	米		rice	mi3	类粉迷粗糖		米字旁
车	車		cart, vehicle	che1	轮软军较输		车字旁
八	八		eight	ba1	公分趴兵共	Note similarity with 人, which means human, person.	八字旁(头)
尸	尸		corpse	shi1	尺局尾居展	Note similarity with 戶, which means door, family.	尸字头
寸	寸		thumb, inch	cun4	寺尊对射付		寸字旁
山	山		mountain	shan1	岩岛岁崗岔		山字旁(头)
攵	攵	攴	knock, tap	(pu1)	收改攻做政	Note similarity with 夊, which means to walk (slowly).	反文旁(攵),旧反文旁(攴)
彳	彳		(small) step	(chi2)	彼很律微德	Note similarity with 亻, which means human, person.	双人旁
十	十		ten	shi2	什计古叶早		十字旁(头)
工	工		work	gong1	左江红巧功		工字旁
方	方		square, raft	fang1	放旅族仿房		方字旁
门	門		gate	men2	间闲问闭闻		门字框
饣	飠	食	eat, food	shi2	饭饿饮馆饱		食字旁
欠	欠		lack, yawn	qian4	欢欧欲次歌		欠字旁
儿	儿		human, legs	er2	元四光兄充	Note similarity with 人, which means human, person, and with 八 which means eight.	儿座底
冫	冫		ice	bing1	冬冷冻况净		两点水
子	子		child, seed	zi3	字学存孩季		子字旁
疒	疒		sickness	(ne4)	病痛疗疯痩		病字旁
隹	隹		(short-tailed) bird	(zhui1)	雀集难雅谁		隹字旁
斤	斤		axe	(jin1)	所新听近析		斤字旁
亠	亠		lid	(tou2)	亡交京	Note similarity with  宀, which means roof, and 冖 which means cover.	点横头
王	王	玉	jade, king	yu4, wang2	主弄皇理现	This radical is 玉, but when in composition, it looks like 王, king, and is probably more easily remembered like that.	王字旁
白	白		white	bai2	的皆皇怕迫	Note similarity with 日, which means sun.	白字旁
立	立		stand, erect	li4	音意端亲位		立字旁
羊	羊	⺶,⺷	sheep	yang2	着样洋美鲜		羊字旁
艮	艮		stopping	(gen4)	很恨恳根眼		艮字旁
冖	冖		cover	(mi4)	写军农深荣		秃宝盖
厂	厂		cliff	(han4)	厚原厉厅厕	Note similarity with 广, which has ha house on top (the dot).	厂字旁
皿	皿		dish	(min3)	盆监盟盛盖		皿字底
礻	礻	示	sign, spirit, show	shi4	社神视祝祥	Note similarity with 衤, which means clothes.	示字旁
穴	穴		cave	xue4	空突穷究窗		穴宝盖
走	走		run, walk	zou3	起超越赶徒		走字旁
雨	雨		rain	yu3	雷雪霜需露		雨字头
囗	囗		enclosure	(wei2)	回国因图团	Note similarity with 口, which does not enclose other components and means mouth.	国字框
小	小	⺌⺍	small	xiao3	少肖尚尖尘		小字旁(头)
戈	戈		halberd	(ge1)	成式战感我		戈字旁
几	几		table	ji1	朵机风凡凤		几字旁
舌	舌		tongue	she2	乱适话舍活		舌字旁
干	干		dry	gan1	平刊汗旱赶		干字旁
殳	殳		weapon	(shu1)	段没投般设		殳字旁
夕	夕		evening, sunset	xi1	外多夜名岁		夕字旁
止	止		stop	zhi3	正此步歪址		止字旁
牜	牜	牛,⺧	cow	niu2	告物解特件		牛字旁(头)
皮	皮		skin	pi2	披彼波破疲		皮字旁
耳	耳		ear	er3	取闻职聪联		耳字旁
辛	辛		bitter	xin1	辜辟辣辨辩		辛字旁
阝right	阝right	邑	city	(yi4)	那邦部都邮	Note that there are two radicals which look like this. On the left, it means mound, dam, and on the right, it means city.	双耳刀(右耳刀)
酉	酉		wine	(you3)	醉酒醒酸尊		酉字旁
青	青		green/blue	qing1	请清情晴猜		青字旁
鸟	鳥		bird	niao3	鸦鸣鸭岛鸡		鸟字旁
弓	弓		bow	gong1	引张弱第强		弓字旁
厶	厶		private	si1	公勾去私云		私字旁
户	户	戶	door, house	hu4	所房炉护启	Note similarity with 尸, which means corpse.	户字旁
羽	羽		feather	yu3	习翻翅塌扇		羽字旁
舟	舟		boat	chuan2	般船航盘艇		舟字旁
里	里		village, mile	li3	野重量理埋		里字旁
匕	匕		spoon	(bi3)	匙比北呢旨		匕字旁
夂	夂		go (slowly)	(sui1)	各條复备夏	Note similarity with 攵, which means to knock, to rap.	折文旁
见	見		see	jian4	观规视现觉	Note similarity with 贝, which means shell.	见字旁
卩	卩		seal	(jie2)	卷印却即危		单耳刀
罒	罒	网	net	wang3	罗罚罢罪罩	Note that the horizontal version can also mean net.	四字头(罒)
士	士		scholar	shi4	吉壶志声壮	Note similarity with 土, which means earth.	士字旁
勹	勹		embrace, wrap	(bao1)	包勿勾勺勻		包字头


The Three Character Classic 三 字 经 (Zero)

三 字 经 (three character classic) my translation. This is a work in progress. Sanzijing is the canonical children’s school primer and is well worth reading.


1.人之初 性本善 性相近 习相远

man at birth is quite good

quite alike, paths diverge 

ren ji qu xing ben shan xing xiang jin xi xiang yuan

(so much for original sin btw)

2.苟不教 性乃迁 教之道 贵以专

If untaught then they change;

taught the way, dear use aims

gou bu jiao xing nai qian jiao zhi dao gui yi zhuan

3.昔孟母 择邻处 子不学 断机杼

Old Meng’s Mom chose a room
Son didn’t learn – broke the loom

4.窦燕山 有义方 教五子 名俱扬

Dou Yishan Had Right Plan
Taught 5 kids Each Earned Names

5.养不教 父之过 教不严 师之惰

Raised untaught? Fathers fault!

Taught not strict? Dad’s lazy!

yang bu jiao yi zhi guo jiao bu yan shi zhi duo

6.子不学 非所宜 幼不学 老何为

No study? Know no place.

Youth don’t learn? What when old?

zibuxuefeisuoyi youbuxuelaohewei


7.玉不琢 不成器 人不学 不知义

Unworked jade is not dear.

Study not? Know not right!

yubuzhuo buchengqi ren bu xue bu zhi yi

8.为人子 方少时 亲师友 习礼仪

Child be good, just small time,

family friends, learn manners.

9.香九龄 能温席 孝于亲 所当执
Xiang age 9 could warm beds

parents’ love thus is grasped

10.融四岁 能让梨 弟于长 宜先知
Rong at 4 got the pears
First then know: young to old

11.首孝悌 次见闻 知某数 识某文

First obey, next perceive

learn to count learn to read


12.一而十 十而百 百而千 千而万

one and ten ten hundred

hundred thousand ten thousand

13.三才者 天地人 三光者 日月星
Matters Three: Sky Earth Man
Three Bright Lights: Sun Moon Stars

14.三纲者 君臣义 父子亲 夫妇顺
Bonds are three:


Dad and Son,


15.曰春夏 曰秋冬 此四时 运不穷

spring and summer fall and winter
Four seasons ceaseless move

16.曰南北 曰西东 此四方 应乎中
South and North West and East
These four points focal midst

17.曰水火 木金土 此五行 本乎数

Water Fire Wood Gold Earth
Five atoms start to count



18.十干者 甲至癸 十二支 子至亥

Stems are ten: First to Tenth.

Branches 12 Child to Twelfth

19.曰黄道 日所躔 曰赤道 当中权

Ecliptic is sun’s course
Equator at the midst

20.赤道下 温暖极 我中华 在东北

Equator is quite warm
China’s in the Northeast



21.寒燠均 霜露改 右高原 左大海

Cold warm mild

frost change dew

plateau left 

ocean right


22.曰江河 曰淮济 此四渎 水之纪

The Yangtze
Cross the Huai
These four streams

23.曰岱华 蒿恒衡 此五岳 山之名

Mount Tai Hua,

Hao Heng Heng 

These five crags

Mountain names



24.古九州 今改制 称行省 三十五25.曰士农 曰工商 此四民 国之良26.曰仁义 礼智信 此五常 不容紊27.地所生 有草木 此植物 遍水陆28.有虫鱼 有鸟兽 此动物 能飞走29.稻梁菽 麦黍稷 此六谷 人所食30.马牛羊 鸡犬豕 此六畜 人所饲31.曰喜怒 曰哀惧 爱恶欲 七情俱32.青赤黄 及黑白 此五色 目所识33.酸苦甘 及辛咸 此五味 口所含34.膻焦香 及腥朽 此五臭 鼻所嗅35.匏土革 木石金 丝与竹 乃八音36.曰平上 曰去入 此四声 宜调协37.高曾祖 父而身 身而子 子而孙38.自子孙 至玄曾 乃九族 人之伦39.父子恩 夫妇从 兄则友 弟则恭40.长幼序 友与朋 君则敬 臣则忠41.此十义 人所同 当师叙 勿违背42.斩齐衰 大小功 至缌麻 五服终43.礼乐射 御书数 古六艺 今不具44.惟书学 人共遵 既识字 讲说文45.有古文 大小篆 隶草继 不可乱46.若广学 惧其繁 但略说 能知原47.凡训蒙 须讲究 详训诂 明句读48.为学者 必有初 小学终 至四书49.论语者 二十篇 群弟子 记善言50.孟子者 七篇止 讲道德 说仁义51.作中庸 乃孔伋 中不偏 庸不易52.作大学 乃曾子 自修齐 至平治53.中书熟 孝经通 如六经 始可读54.诗书易 礼春秋 号六经 当讲求55.有连山 有归藏 有周易 三易详56.有典谟 有训诰 有誓命 书之奥57.我周公 作周礼 著六官 存治体58.大小戴 注礼记 述圣言 礼乐备59.有国风 有雅颂 号四诗 当讽咏60.诗既亡 春秋作 寓褒贬 别善恶61.三传者 有公羊 有左氏 有谷梁62.尔雅者 善辨言 求经训 此莫先63.古圣著 先贤传 注疏备 十三经64.左传外 有国语 合群经 数十五65.经既明 方读子 撮其要 记其事66.五子者 有荀扬 文中子 及老庄67.经子通 读诸史 考世系 知终始68.自羲农 至黄帝 号三皇 在上世69.唐有虞 号二帝 相揖逊 称盛世70.夏有禹 商有汤 周文武 称三王71.夏传子 家天下 四百载 迁夏社72.汤伐夏 国号商 六百载 至纣亡73.周武王 始诛纣 八百载 最长久74.周共和 始纪年 历宣幽 遂东迁75.周道衰 王纲坠 逞干戈 尚游说76.始春秋 终战国 五霸强 七雄出77.嬴秦氏 始兼并 传二世 楚汉争78.高祖兴 汉业建 至孝平 王莽篡79.光武兴 为东汉 四百年 终于献80.魏蜀吴 争汉鼎 号三国 迄两晋81.宋齐继 梁陈承 为南朝 都金陵82.北元魏 分东西 宇文周 兴高齐83.迨至隋 一土宇 不再传 失统绪84.唐高祖 起义师 除隋乱 创国基85.二十传 三百载 梁灭之 国乃改86.梁唐晋 及汉周 称五代 皆有由87.赵宋兴 受周禅 十八传 南北混88.辽与金 皆称帝 元灭金 绝宋世89.舆图广 超前代 九十年 国祚废90.迨成祖 迁燕京 十六世 至崇祯91.权阉肆 寇如林 李闯出 神器焚92.清世祖 膺景命 靖四方 克大定93.由康雍 历乾嘉 民安富 治绩夸94.道咸间 变乱起 始英法 扰都鄙95.同光后 宣统弱 传九帝 满清殁96.革命兴 废帝制 立宪法 建民国97.古今史 全在兹 载治乱 知兴衰98.史虽繁 读有次 史记一 汉书二99.后汉三 国志四 兼证经 参通鉴100.读史者 考实录 通古今 若亲目101.口而诵 心而惟 朝于斯 夕于斯102.昔仲尼 师项橐 古圣贤 尚勤学103.赵中令 读鲁论 彼既仕 学且勤104.披蒲编 削竹简 彼无书 且知勉105.头悬梁 锥刺股 彼不教 自勤苦106.如囊萤 如映雪 家虽贫 学不辍107.如负薪 如挂角 身虽劳 犹苦卓108.苏老泉 二十七 始发愤 读书籍109.彼既老 犹悔迟 尔小生 宜早思110.若梁灏 八十二 对大廷 魁多士111.彼既成 众称异 尔小生 宜立志112.莹八岁 能咏诗 泌七岁 能赋棋113.彼颖悟 人称奇 尔幼学 当效之114.蔡文姬 能辩琴 谢道韫 能咏吟115.彼女子 且聪敏 尔男子 当自警116.唐刘晏 方七岁 举神童 作正字117.彼虽幼 身已仕 有为者 亦若是118.犬守夜 鸡司晨 苟不学 曷为人119.蚕吐丝 蜂酿蜜 人不学 不如物120.幼习业 壮致身 上匡国 下利民121.扬名声 显父母 光于前 裕于后122.人遗子 金满赢 我教子 唯一经123.勤有功 戏无益 戒之哉 宜勉力

东拉西扯 East Pull West Tear

东拉西扯 Guilty as charged.

This one means idle chit chat; idle about, do nothing but gossip, talk, chat; to drag things out, to go off topic, non-sequitor.

push me-pull you


to drag things out

can be good translations depending on context.

东east dong1

拉pull la1

西west xi1

扯pull, tear che3


的 一 是 在 了 有 人 不 国 中 大 年 上 这 个 我 和 日 时 会 出 来 他 家 生 们 对 期 月 多 能 本 学 现 说 作 电 前 下 开 天 北 京 分 高 都 工 子 小 面 机 同 车 关 名 里 好 没 明 看 点 起 星 些 三 很 去 商 今 么 样 那 东 想 西 水 影 话 视 你 果 老 二 院 女 她 认 打 做 先 少 回 系 四 气 十 服 再 儿 住 什 书 米 师 五 见 客 热 买 医 爱 太 校 昨 站 觉 候 飞 钱 字 岁 友 请 识 火 听 兴 习 语 脑 六 店 午 写 喜 读 馆 欢 怎 吃 杯 钟 八 呢 租 块 谁 吗 叫 亮 哪 朋 妈 坐 汉 饭 衣 雨 九 冷 七 姐 谢 菜 零 爸 睡 喝 茶 猫 桌 狗 漂 椅 喂 苹
为 到 以 公 行 就 新 经 也 场 第 可 过 自 得 报 进 动 还 司 最 所 外 但 长 员 次 体 等 着 已 间 因 比 手 表 两 意 务 正 房 问 门 球 题 教 路 告 件 运 给 常 每 乐 身 别 张 让 走 色 真 它 息 非 足 始 马 考 准 完 共 游 望 票 步 备 快 病 号 孩 便 百 诉 介 白 红 试 边 远 旅 助 男 离 找 思 夫 晚 希 眼 室 汽 卖 早 药 班 绍 歌 送 黑 左 右 千 您 答 帮 舞 笑 错 课 唱 雪 吧 纸 休 牛 哥 穿 贵 姓 迎 跑 玩 洗 船 跳 妻 鱼 宜 忙 慢 肉 弟 床 旁 篮 圆 奶 妹 羊 斤 阴 丈 泳 鸡 懂 睛 蛋 颜 踢 瓜 晴 啡 咖
市 地 要 发 者 业 成 后 于 方 用 而 法 理 事 记 主 实 定 其 文 心 目 力 当 通 位 道 如 种 重 加 然 情 化 特 提 平 网 万 据 安 只 信 赛 世 应 相 使 向 总 物 己 数 解 该 界 周 接 近 城 调 几 办 把 结 演 感 又 选 闻 决 示 节 空 头 口 放 求 直 单 风 南 才 变 查 或 育 议 带 难 参 较 片 环 山 条 级 易 需 举 音 李 清 注 越 居 低 包 且 容 图 花 根 历 响 段 必 声 园 超 盘 护 照 终 除 极 普 境 楼 满 干 半 复 阳 算 双 银 刚 阿 讲 板 突 轻 史 虽 练 春 检 层 健 河 戏 拿 黄 角 担 短 街 奇 愿 香 康 择 害 乎 画 换 须 差 季 酒 简 遇 久 跟 辆 般 急 云 婚 顾 绩 绿 典 背 刻 笔 束 夏 树 邮 附 旧 鲜 冰 怕 借 静 脚 礼 箱 草 趣 牙 坏 净 句 灯 努 词 脸 冬 蓝 宾 末 敢 秋 楚 耳 镜 惯 烧 忘 冒 舒 怪 爷 搬 祝 迟 熊 鸟 扫 啊 梯 腿 鞋 邻 糖 哭 刷 厨 炼 骑 帽 葡 萄 疼 聪 甜 爬 鼻 渴 啤 胖 饱 锻 刮 碗 叔 裤 朵 瘦 糕 衫 汁 伞 衬 澡 饿 矮 姨 裙 铅 筷 蕉
将 部 之 全 元 美 从 内 资 民 此 利 合 品 金 价 区 入 被 展 并 度 由 保 性 制 代 海 交 台 管 活 无 费 计 及 受 科 量 至 联 证 收 格 基 式 社 术 达 规 技 专 处 程 知 各 任 原 际 组 持 剧 首 广 尔 消 续 观 标 导 集 指 济 连 案 拉 造 反 取 增 整 传 克 流 改 质 士 户 具 亚 何 许 份 供 众 售 像 光 推 深 购 获 约 况 论 研 争 则 支 确 功 象 精 即 仅 引 失 往 奖 职 限 责 律 林 却 纪 优 预 警 随 究 险 速 值 亲 神 划 列 另 艺 志 积 效 言 评 江 降 修 排 料 负 访 底 断 景 彩 卡 亿 按 死 命 故 否 严 态 验 尽 破 村 留 仍 织 富 航 谈 批 范 够 围 省 洲 继 伤 判 适 申 播 假 切 止 农 竞 例 绝 察 福 养 群 停 招 母 印 油 食 压 减 货 紧 括 密 父 免 材 激 细 互 软 签 温 甚 悉 味 博 疑 著 族 座 弹 桥 吸 松 血 沙 丽 币 缺 丰 码 毕 永 章 授 坚 微 毛 危 竟 困 苦 皮 恐 逐 映 洋 虑 顺 秀 肯 惊 败 折 杂 础 讨 染 顿 幸 润 熟 输 既 乘 童 序 怀 扩 浪 散 梦 钢 概 扬 误 释 禁 宽 针 尤 污 距 渐 掉 森 遍 龄 乱 墙 键 齐 脱 翻 估 窗 漫 掌 握 赢 烟 醒 鼓 勇 挂 厚 植 戴 暖 叶 聘 硬 符 累 虎 奋 篇 弃 诚 暂 饮 抽 麻 默 励 暗 汗 塑 替 址 拒 巧 挺 撞 偶 琴 抱 尊 闹 骗 辛 聊 邀 忆 烦 刀 寄 译 贺 忽 允 详 嘴 尝 肥 寒 泪 袋 耐 扰 傅 剩 垃 圾 赚 阅 扮 页 弄 瓶 肤 惜 呀 汤 填 酸 陪 貌 帅 猜 仔 丢 湿 孤 羽 稍 堵 穷 盒 俩 凉 粗 硕 暑 咱 幽 谊 猪 厉 擦 饼 敲 桶 抬 傲 盐 慕 歉 悔 乒 逛 辣 猴 恼 窄 扔 躺 棵 拾 骄 愉 肚 泼 吵 戚 巾 匙 厌 乓 钥 怜 燥 羡 羞 懒 谅 膏 咸 笨 饺 咳 柿 袜 嗽
与 产 股 队 建 政 更 设 华 投 线 立 强 企 版 战 军 统 局 王 布 权 团 项 装 德 形 青 英 领 营 委 势 采 销 型 创 显 转 未 均 类 府 卫 款 牌 称 施 率 义 协 治 存 配 巴 构 曾 置 击 模 益 维 器 防 升 龙 致 摄 念 源 庭 宣 官 初 承 落 财 策 讯 拍 素 某 厂 属 石 令 届 训 依 古 武 胜 占 状 待 测 余 套 录 充 土 派 独 铁 筑 执 登 临 控 朝 税 幅 犯 威 宝 露 革 培 轮 域 良 冲 移 劳 托 损 罪 席 似 屋 迷 救 县 庆 退 善 巨 融 补 追 贸 尚 毒 编 征 夜 付 核 透 杀 略 询 宁 纷 厅 汇 田 烈 塔 疗 裁 涨 呼 冠 稳 幕 倒 兵 操 木 藏 靠 挥 惠 析 述 拥 违 含 雷 射 寻 哈 架 私 订 餐 陆 赶 频 乡 贷 震 秘 荣 抢 抗 伟 偿 孙 智 守 顶 野 享 封 胡 妇 饰 促 赔 挑 综 召 炸 斗 遗 库 延 俱 坦 贝 措 岛 玉 盖 途 启 档 灵 雄 避 甲 弱 痛 阵 趋 览 罚 抓 迅 咨 献 迹 载 枪 驶 旦 册 沉 驾 麦 贴 摩 纯 侵 伙 谓 触 滑 聚 固 恶 娱 骨 倍 伴 残 宇 棋 搞 劲 殊 缩 拆 丁 敏 圈 逃 誉 凭 疾 毫 亏 摆 虚 刺 繁 嘉 乏 缓 辑 阻 舍 跃 闭 佛 丝 偷 赞 返 豪 欣 怖 灾 凡 祖 炒 赏 泉 狂 捐 燃 缘 迫 锁 液 隔 恢 岸 沟 珍 彻 泛 诊 皇 衡 紫 卷 横 递 池 闲 淡 洞 尾 振 恋 宗 矿 诗 郊 账 籍 摇 腐 盾 悲 废 辞 煤 俗 敬 柜 灭 宿 敌 虹 秒 艰 浓 佩 描 豆 忍 寿 帝 氛 璃 娘 慧 玻 践 绪 寓 幼 挡 吨 仿 绕 薄 妙 碍 俊 唯 链 碰 勤 铜 姻 矛 堆 柔 尘 披 脏 壁 挤 拜 灰 辩 摸 慎 贡 胁 彼 悄 拳 胆 劣 辅 插 荐 漏 姑 喊 犹 欠 粮 匹 喷 涂 奈 卧 疲 闪 伸 胶 竹 锅 肃 滚 辈 艳 摘 挣 炮 尖 戒 疯 扶 碎 牵 旬 苗 鼠 兄 寺 怒 慰 憾 呆 颗 腰 吹 幻 魅 谨 愤 冻 庙 糊 厘 秩 倡 锐 烂 尺 肩 桃 宠 胸 厕 飘 乙 遵 姿 哲 磁 漠 弯 雾 朴 夕 脆 雇 盼 眠 骂 棒 闯 匆 劝 夹 恨 浅 屈 丑 鬼 吐 铃 纲 肌 蛇 陌 狼 躲 吓 棉 厢 蔬 粒 滩 盆 眉 剪 悠 鸭 斜 夸 蜂 柴 胃 摔 绳 拦 嫁 寂 醉 咬 臭 慌 妨 滴 拐 膀 豫 烤 肺 罐 砍 逻 宴 洒 叉 炭 叙 嫩 抄 傻 催 趁 谜 歇 趟 蜜 浏 骤 愁 粘 晒 吻 矩 梨 蝶 糟 踩 宙 佣 裔 捡 晕 酱 傍 霉 舌 毯 嘱 姥 寞 歪 睁 畏 裹 瞧 撕 帘 甩 愧 抖 翅 煮 鞭 谦 烫 绸 耽 乖 钓 兔 脖 浇 蜡 髦 逗 嗓 鸽 壶 蹲 匀 恳 橡 椒 删 枕 讽 梳 烛 痒 舅 膊 蝴 娶 醋 瞎 胳 嚷 丙 勺 煎 狡 皂 咐 唉 屉 猾 馒 桔 惭 嚏 阶
斯 奥 欧 州 党 络 监 券 陈 央 纳 审 额 副 波 港 媒 索 曲 佳 跌 诺 苏 湖 董 探 爆 吉 异 盟 攻 峰 晓 予 坛 庄 亡 镇 宅 患 障 堂 刑 遭 涉 刊 暴 鲁 夺 盛 湾 伦 晨 债 泰 归 杰 姆 端 津 若 川 宫 泽 潮 莫 隆 蒙 雅 锋 潜 仪 塞 厦 瓦 援 督 郑 截 旗 侧 梁 宏 储 辉 朗 抵 伯 偏 迁 恩 驻 筹 焦 症 鉴 奔 洁 隐 洪 嫌 唐 锦 岗 井 稿 杜 沿 搜 圣 珠 昌 拨 赴 谋 盗 混 乌 伍 荡 栏 黎 径 仓 扣 捕 兼 袭 署 呈 欲 谷 盈 跨 奏 兑 纽 倾 贫 扎 榜 坡 滋 凌 屏 毁 捷 陷 淀 桑 蒂 踪 颁 缴 壮 揭 徒 拟 诸 轨 赠 纠 廉 胞 撑 忠 搭 铺 押 祥 番 剂 涛 颇 磨 讼 摊 孔 崇 枚 渡 拼 仁 忧 恰 拓 腾 浮 猛 狱 悬 劫 疫 薪 渠 畅 贯 岩 虫 辽 晶 拔 墨 侦 昆 胎 沃 迈 毅 甘 拖 巡 恒 泥 陶 撤 添 赖 踏 雕 亦 粉 泡 裂 峡 炎 霍 携 诞 耗 挖 轰 魔 寸 郎 酷 肖 旋 抛 颖 驱 纵 蓄 艇 氏 伪 炉 愈 墓 逢 惨 疆 砖 鸣 逼 淘 堡 绘 循 钻 菌 贩 霸 遥 丧 氧 涌 娃 臣 婆 癌 诱 惑 掘 婴 尸 械 覆 吊 耀 叹 驰 舰 庞 旺 柱 伏 阔 箭 栋 扭 凶 奉 堪 绑 盲 贪 晰 埋 牢 衰 漆 履 抑 滨 涵 翼 役 杆 逊 孕 吁 悦 荒 侠 郁 煌 昂 兆 汰 怨 猎 窃 稀 酬 蹈 串 裕 殖 凝 缝 挫 脉 壳 攀 旨 峻 扑 碑 勃 抚 欺 膜 贿 仙 御 乳 伐 帐 割 霞 撒 赁 屡 狮 祸 瓷 诈 挪 衷 舱 犬 舟 浴 罢 痕 疏 泄 赌 舆 拘 妆 歧 魂 辐 掩 陵 腹 晋 牲 窝 亭 牧 廊 斑 脂 艘 捧 啦 岳 帆 卓 弊 搏 弥 茂 垄 粹 匪 坑 逮 泊 仰 刹 赤 闷 妥 洽 噪 砸 纹 渔 铭 垂 捞 庸 框 葬 惩 掀 纤 笼 宪 辰 辟 滞 滥 枝 皆 肿 纺 赋 睹 慨 谱 爽 牺 塌 昏 擅 巩 丛 绎 辨 悟 贤 翔 罕 腔 墅 袖 饲 酿 臂 沫 尴 尬 惧 迄 斥 狠 齿 顽 垫 慈 胀 掏 颈 哨 剥 辖 仇 淋 捉 削 坝 盯 凑 辱 曝 忌 扇 罩 挽 誓 谐 筒 钦 叛 骚 喻 灿 衔 灌 吞 逝 遮 敞 瘾 沸 哀 歹 渗 缠 侨 挨 苍 勾 巷 晃 筋 兽 荧 遣 驳 绒 碧 旱 殿 躁 冤 惹 贬 溜 浑 嘛 塘 宰 谎 钞 株 腻 抹 孝 昔 茫 瘤 肢 仗 蒸 瞩 碳 肆 耕 奠 溪 卸 狭 碌 螺 勘 贼 幢 崩 浸 稻 膨 叠 壤 彰 晤 棍 脾 谍 惕 堤 馈 绣 蕴 崭 诵 擎 栽 蓬 弦 颠 呵 畜 谴 竭 钉 娇 缔 扒 讶 凸 沧 枯 扯 霜 沾 帜 喘 钩 丘 捆 蔽 溃 澄 铸 肪 琢 兜 熬 膝 哑 虐 蚀 杠 丸 摧 侣 媳 阐 搁 愚 锈 辜 谣 瞒 芒 耍 蔓 穴 遏 蹦 芦 蛮 篷 竖 剖 宵 魄 磅 奢 酝 瘫 攒 讳 哄 磋 勉 俐 焰 唇 滤 啥 僵 衍 隙 淹 俘 搅 耻 剔 殴 悼 昼 喉 崖 聋 溶 嵌 岂 赂 卑 饥 倦 扛 咽 灶 颂 斩 奴 泌 萌 恭 坟 拢 喇 皱 愣 濒 掠 俭 惫 嫂 陋 畔 馅 徊 捏 稚 叭 烹 觅 柬 熏 飙 雌 辙 屁 韧 嘲 屑 跪 泻 袍 镶 禽 隶 筛 隧 趴 挠 啸 烁 沛 橙 滔 畴 颤 吟 芽 棕 渣 锤 扁 诫 挚 纬 掷 氓 叮 咋 僻 汹 瞪 妄 饶 氢 旷 缀 痪 枉 俯 捣 叨 昧 凹 澈 恍 袱 蠢 椎 抒 耸 窜 陡 踊 瞻 吼 瀑 帖 翘 哇 侮 墟 睦 憋 粥 嘿 呕 沐 缚 嚼 猖 葫 凄 疤 腥 勿 鞠 朽 沮 哎 拌 妒 磕 熄 捍 廓 怠 烘 肴 堕 兢 紊 哦 甭 侈 乞 秃 哺 筐 怯 绅 拽 苟 嗅 庇 屿 伺 饪 敷 拧 渺 譬 哼 舶 惦 桨 溅 簸 慷 谬 眶 涮 沼 秤 恕 拙 掐 躬 拣 眯 劈 蹬 搀 搓 揉 搂 嫉 唠 晾 诧 眨 哟 殃 辫 惋 浊 酌 涕 唾 梢 淆 啃 虏 衅 杖 徙 岔 蔑 腮 伶 痹 鄙 溉 疙 雹 嘈 诬 谤 峭 掰 咀 丐 嗦 诽 暧 吝 婪 睬 酗 裳 膛 隘 捎 蔼 哆 稠 榨 挎 茎 惰 迸 惮 狈 躇 馋 椭 踌 讥 舔 嗨 熨 斟 咙 暄 叼 嗯 呻 唆 阂 拄 啬 瘸 吩 蹋 锲 揍 啰

Review Your Hanzi!

You must repeat something 8 times to remember it.

Memory is improved by transforming that to be remembered into some visual image.

Good test for your hanzi. http://hanzishan.com/

These are the characters I missed.

to send / to devote / to deliver / to cause / to convey

to stay
to wait / to treat / to deal with / to need / going to (do sth) / about to / intending to

to survey / to measure / to conjecture

to record in writing / to carry (i.e. publish in a newspaper etc) / Taiwan pr. [zai4] / year
to carry / to convey / to load / to hold / to fill up / and / also / as well as / simultaneously

to continue / to carry on
surname Shao

to sow / to scatter / to spread / to broadcast / Taiwan pr. [bo4]

sound of drums
grand / intense / prosperous / to swell / to bulge
surname Long / short for 吉隆坡[Ji2 long2 po1], Kuala Lumpur

see 悄悄[qiao1 qiao1]
quiet / sad

grand / heroic

to congeal / to concentrate attention / to stare

color / face / countenance
surname Yan

to be stupid / to cheat or deceive / me or I (modest)

cautious / careful / solemnly / sincerely (formal)

Buddhist temple / mosque / government office (old)

to break / to destroy / to devastate / to ravage / to repress

to slaughter livestock / to govern or rule / to cheat customers / imperial official in dynastic China

to bury (the dead) / to inter

indignant / generous / to sigh (with emotion)

one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦[ba1 gua4], symbolizing heaven / male principle / ☰ / ancient Chinese compass point: 315° (northwest)
dry / clean / in vain / dried food / foster / adoptive / to ignore
surname Qian
surname Gan

ball / pellet / pill


foam / suds

bright / luminous

variant of 曬|晒[shai4]

grain / millet / goose pimples

surname Su

farewell / secrets (of an art)

cheek / lower cheek / chin / jaw / to nourish

to pour / to deliberate


to bathe / to cleanse / to receive / to be given

to seize / to usurp

addiction / craving

to spy / watch for

cangue (wooden collar like stocks used to restrain and punish criminals in China)

child / young animal

adorned / swift / gorgeous / brilliant / variegated

Chinese wolfberry shrub (Lycium chinense) / willow

surname Qi / Zhou Dynasty vassal state

brilliancy (of gems)

separated / stare

bud / flower calyx / luxuriant / profuse

to knit (one’s brows) / wrinkled (of brows) / to hesitate / distressed

人的正确思想是从哪里来的? Where do correct ideas come from?


人 people

的 of, from

正 upright

确 solid (stone+horn=solid)

思thought (my work is on my heart)

想belief (similar things are on my mind)

是is (I walk upright beneath the solar disc I AM)

从following (one person following another)

哪which (in the west the men in cities have beards we speak of them WHICH way)

里location (what’s in a field? dirt. Dirt is IN a field)

来comes (one thing brings them all to a meal: Rice)

的of, from (the suns rays cast upon a sundials spoon-pointer)


Spoiler: They come from practice, and practice alone. Moreover, they come from at least three forms of practice.