仅 劝  权

仅 劝  权

Often times 又 is used in simplification, often representing something to do with a bird. Usually the simplification is based on a cursive representation of the much more complicated original character. The simplification tends to destroy the semantic content.

仅 劝  权

In all three  the you2 又 character is a simplification. We can try to impose meaning on it but the etymology may disagree with our imagination.

仅 Jin3 means “only”: a man has only one friend? This must be a compound concept character since there is no phonetic clue.


劝 Quan4 means “exhort”: right hand + power = exhort. Li 力 here is both semantic and phonetic.


权 Quan2 means “right” as in “to have a right”. Structured/Patterned/Wooden thing on the left, hand on the right. So this is a material possesory right, not an abstract idea or ideal of what one supposes to be right. There must then be a word for right which uses either the speech 言 or heart radical 心 for those indicate communication and mentation respectively. Yet I know not such word.

Chinese is a journey out of ignorance.

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