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夬 缶 缺 It is CERTAIN that URNS are sometimes DEFICIENT…

缶 fou3

Pottery, jar, urn; it’s a mortar and pestle (or any other earthenware vessel), seen from the side. The mortar is on the bottom the pestle is on the top.缶

夬 guai4

Certain, decisive. Originally a foot on top a hand below indicating the idea of certainty through experience. Transformed to a large powerful men (da ren, fu ren) the foot now also represents his ring of authority on which he might bear his jade royal seal.夬

缺 que1

Deficiency lack absence; most often seen in 缺点 shortcoming default flaw.

This must be a hui yi zi, that is an associative compound character since it’s clearly not a pictogram or a pictophonetic character




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