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字幕 subtitles

Mu means curtain. let’s break it down! we see jin 巾 below which is a pictogram of a cloth on a rack. The rest of the character is simply “mo” a compound character which means “not yet”; mo is an ideogram of the great big sun which is still below the line of the grass i.e. the dawn, the sun has NOT YET risen. So this is “not yet” “curtain” i.e. a stage curtain, but also a drape. Here in 字幕 it is a curtain of text i.e. subtitles. of course means glyph character hieroglyph i.e. the zi of hanzi. It’s the image of a child beneath a roof with a book on his mind which s/he is learning to read (which is why and 学 xue study are related glyphs)U

Ds Drawn Strange
Underneath SUBTITLES 字幕

Uniform, CURTAIN 幕

莫 布 Mo bU MU 幕


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