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就是你啊! :D Then it’s just You! <3

Jiu4 Left side is a tall tower as symbol and seat of the capitol itself!

jing1  is a picture of a tall tower all right but it’s used as a symbol of the Capitol.京 capitol looks much like gao1 tower

gao1=lid+mouth+cover+mouth. The mouths are the windows.

Right side is you2 尤 an outstanding and excellent but lame man. Why? he’s a war veteran. His right leg is was lamed in combat as you can clearly see and the dot is his badge. In oracle bone script its his right hand which is injured. The character was simplified from a hand with pointer to the injury (the dot) to its present form.

Put them together and you have the ideas of tall, surprising, excellent, outstanding, capital (a capital idea!) capitol (the capitol building).
It means THEN as in consequently.
The wounded war veteran was summoned to the capital where he JUST, THEN, recieved his medal.

This is JUST my friend JOE jiu THEN. It may be A SURPRISE jing1 but he is OUTSTANDING, PARTICULARLY you2 you1 EXCELLENT even though he is UNABLE wu2 to climb up a HIGH TOWER gao1 in the capitol jing1


beibao on top is the sound clue sounds like BEI3 means North (as in Beijing, the northern capital) Bei 北 is two people sitting back to back. On the right of bei is bi3 匕 spoon. Compass invented in China is called the “south pointing spoon”. What’s the opposite or to the back of the south pointing spoon? North! 匕 => 北 => this is known as the flowering of Chinese characters 汉字开花 i.e. how Chinese characters “blossom”. There is an inner logic to the characters! YOU can learn it!
yue on the bottom is the body/moon (moon is a luminous body); it’s the crescent moon or a side of ribs.
Put them together and the bei character is the shoulder straps the yue character is the body.
Bao means wrap/bag. top bits the handle bottom parts the container i.e. the bag.

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