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常尝 look alike. sound the same. similar meanings! 我常常尝试.

常尝 chang2

常 this chang2 means often, repeatedly.

尝 this chang2 means taste try attempt.

they both have “esteemed” shang4 尚 (still, yet, to hold in high esteem; we Still go Toward that we Esteem 向xiang4) on top as the phonetic clue. The semantic key is the other part, for chang2 often we see a hanging curtain, which is often opened and often closed, i.e. a doorway’s curtain. 常

The other chang2 which means taste try attempt has a cloud underneath it; the cloud symbolizes the idea of changeability and possibility, possibly better weather, possibly worse weather, possibly shade, possibly sun. The great hall of heaven has a billowing white cloud underneath it may be a nice way to remember chang2 taste try attempt.尝




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