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㳄 xian2

kou shui de yi si 口水的意思

Xian isn’t in CEDict, I haven’t checked in Pleco or GoldenDict yet. Point is this is a word: it means water at the mouth, whether saliva, snot, spittle, sputum or whatever you want to call that ugly disgusting green goober o god you better not have sars or coronavirus or flu fml.

Long and short is this is a word: three dots of water on the left as the semantic component. Big wide opened pie-hole on the right (all we know from that image is his mouth is open wide we don’t know why from the image alone). So it’s a big pie-hole gaping maw of a mouth with water right on it. Menschlich, allzu menschlich.

次  ci4


Interval NEXT

big wide mouth spitting water out what has he got coronavirus no doubt

盗 dao4

sick man on a pan out to STEAL your stuff



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