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I saw that Dershowitz, whom I believe Finkelstein accused of plagiarism, has settled the lawsuit against him for rape. I’ve no idea of the merits or lack thereof in the rape accusation, though I do think the plagiarism accusation is inexact.

Like I said, I am not Finkelstein.

In a similar vein, vigenerable name, Lewin Carol wrote a book of some fame. It’s wonderous topic? Logical games!

I have not written here yet about game theory: mostly I am concerned about the Solomon islands problem (dominant strategy with information constraints) and the Monty Hall puzzle. I promise to say somethings about one or both in the next post, likely tomorrow.

Carol’s game is meant to teach propositional logic, and can be played solo. I don’t think it would be too useful for the LSAT, but I could be wrong and it might be a fun and whimsical way to get into logic, a field which I only studied formally after my  undergraduate degree in politics – and which all would-be jurists must master. I do not regard the LSAT logical games section as a good predictor for aptitude in law.  I regard it as one more selector for social class. Why the legal system thinks, or thought, that legal knowledge should be limited to the governing elite escapes me.

I tend not to comment on Chinese domestic law, because I do not yet speak Chinese. Thereto, fellow language learners might enjoy this quiz on Chinese characters. I hope to have time to mark it up so that it will be more useful.

Of course, one day I will study Chinese law, but only after attaining at least minimal proficiency in Mandarin. Despite my prudent reticence I note that I was disappointed that the court dismissed their claim for civil union. People should be free to organize their private affairs, generally speaking. The litigants plan to appeal. I will not comment on that further because 1) the language is still beyond me 2) I am still not sufficiently acquainted with Chinese law. I am however certain that Maoist theory regards same sex relations as legitimate. Although I have not read Mao directly addressing mentioned homosexuality or transsexuals the fact is Mao upheld equal rights of men and women, ending foot binding, forced prostitution, and increasing women’s literacy.
Likely, Mao was a terrible economist. He was certainly a brilliant general. Successors to Maoism in the West claim the right not only to equality of men and women but also of homosexuals, heterosexuals, and transsexuals.

I would prefer, if possible, not to talk about Chinese political theory publicly. I do not yet have the linguistic or political expertise to do so, despite having a very deep understanding of Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism. It would be imprudent, possibly presumptuous or rude of me, and I might even be naive. I try only to comment on social problems in ways which will be helpful and know very well.

I plan to build some quizzes. I found this quiz / survey on economics and investing really well done.

Well, I hope you enjoy mindworks! 🙂

好好              学习,    天天          向上
Hǎo hǎo    xuéxí,   tiāntiān xiàngshàng

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