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爱 ai4

Traditional ai4 has a heart. Simplified doesn’t because it’s a private matter also because communists wanted to emphasize non-romantic forms of love. ai4 is a picture of a grasping hand on top (line and three dots) then a roof because people live under a roof 宀 (the dot is transposed under the 3 fingers/claws of the 爪 on top) and beneath it is two hands 友 (又) clasped expressing the idea of love. These are VERY simplified and stylized pictures. Yes 爪 is claws/grasping hand, 宀 is a roof and 又 is a hand and 友 is two hands. Crazy!


爱/恨 antonyms

爱情/恋爱 synonyms


I.ntelligence? I LOVE IT

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