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监 篮 蓝 surveiller et punir

监 篮 蓝 jian1 lan2 lan2 This character series has been simplified beyond recognition. The bottom part min dish pan may also be a simplification or reuse of eye or net, since there is certainly the sense of caught up in with these three characters. This was originally the image of a man with a big eye inspecting a dish.

stick stick bamboo pan rhymes with lan
gun gun zhuzitou min stupid character let me in!

jian prison inspect supervise hard


luo is Chinese for multistory building which is woven together like a basket.



blue, indigo plant

I dislike this character because it was simplified beyond any recognition, and this simplification occurred prior to AND after the CCP took power. It should simply be redone entirely OR restored to something much closer to its oracle bone form since most writing these days is typing and not hand writing.

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