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美 mei beautiful (..the men who stare at goats)

Mei3  美 is a fun character. It’s a picture of a beautiful girl with her hair adorned in great style. It’s composed of goat on top and big on the bottom. This is a picture of a goat 羊 yang2. And this 大 da4 is a picture of a person holding out their arms stretched wide “that fish was this BIG” and it means big! Ok so why Goat+Big = Beautiful (woman)? Well, in Chinese you can also call a VERY beautiful woman a 大美 which means “great beauty” as in supermodel. So da makes sense here it means grand not big like fat but giant tall imposing powerful. What about goat 羊? Well, han Chinese characters get simplified and recycled for ease of writing. It really was a picture of a very stylish hair-do and had dress, not of a goat, but got simplified to goat. So just remember: Hot chinese girls?

Hope it gets a laugh, you will sure remember now 大 da + yang 羊 = 美 mei big+goat=beautiful.

And it applies to anything beautiful so if it helps you to think of a big plate of lamb and mint jelly who am i to argue?

llustrious BEAUTIFUL MEI3

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