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艰 jian1 : difficult, hard, hardship

艰 jian1

stumbled on a stubborn stump in the ground looked down grabbed with my hand HARDSHIP is J.ust I.ncredibaly A.nnoying, N.o? JIAN1

Hand+Stopped*Staring = 艰

It’s composed of of hand on the left you4 and stopped & staring person  gen on the right. The eyeball is simplified to the same character as the sun.

艮 gen

this is a picture of a person stopped and staring down and backward. eyeball on top, two legs below x (or is it Y?) at the bottom is the root they are stumbling over.

良 liang

良 liang  good : it’s a picture of a pot of food. The dot on top indicates the lid’s handle. A big pot of fresh food as symbol of good, fresh, much.
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