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阜 邑 Fooey! F.ed U.p to my ears with ex-urban AND urban radicals!


This fu is the nearest hill or mountain range or ridgeline outside the city. In other words, it’s the outermost line of defense of the city, a defensible position outside the city walls. I think of it as ten 十 hills. As a determinant 阝fu4 is known as the left ear (zuo3 er3 bian5 左耳边) because it’s determinant looks like an ear. However, it does not represent the human ear even though it looks like one. As a determinant 阝 on the left side of a character represents the city’s nearest foothills: suburbs, exurbs, the rural area outside the city’s walls.


阜 fu4 abundant, mound


add attach

bu4 port, pier, wharf

yuan4 garden courtyard institution



This character represents the city’s gates, specifically the area just outside of the city gates where public notices are posted and people are granted or denied admission into the city.
The top mouth character 口  kou3 both represents the idea of the gate of the city but also the idea of messages posted at the city gate.
The lower character ba1 (desire expectation) used to be the ren2 人 person character. It was simplified to as a visual element. To my way of thought it represents the idea that those just outside the city walls Desire and even Expect and Look Forward to being admitted into the city, but also that such people are potentially as dangerous as snakes since they may be spies for the would be invaders. is the image of a snake (coBrA) and indicates desire: those Outside the city’s Inner Wall DESIRE and LOOK FORWARD to being admitted into the city. But people Outside the city are as dangerous as snakes and desire like snakes to enter the protected place.

As a determinant yi4 looks exactly like fu4’s determinant 阝but is called 友耳边 the right ear determinant not because it in any way represents the human ear but because it resembles one. When 阝is on the right it indicates urban things.

左耳胖是 外边 (丘,山)= outer defense wall

友耳胖是 里 = inner defense wall

you2=post office
滬 a venerated city by the sea that sounds like hu4 – Shanghai’s nickname.

都 猪 是 里。
也 是 里。

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