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Associative Idea Characters (会意字)

临 face overlook lin2
乂 regulate govern control yi
乎 question particle, doubt hu1
乍 first time suddenly zha
乔 qiao tall in unison
乖 abnormal guai
乘 ride mount cheng2
与 receive yu2
丈 master 10 feet zhang
无 without wu
东 east dong1
丛 follow cong
丝 silk si
丞 deputy cheng2
两 two liang
丧 mourning funeral sang
习 revise review xi
乡 village cang
买 buy mai
乱 disorder luan
乳 breastmilk ru
之 of zhi
义 justice yi
公 works gong
共 common effort gong
兴 flourish popular interest xing
兵 soldier platoon bing
典 volume book(case) dian
具 tool ju
美 beautiful mei
羡 envy xian4
匀 equally distributed yun
包 wrap bao
匏 gourd pao2
冰 ice bing
凝 congeal, stare ni
占 occupy zhan
卧 crouch low wo4
厚 thick hou
原 source yuan
分 fen divide
争 fight zheng1
初 at first, the start chu1
免 forgive mian3
划 row paddle scratch surface hua2
则 norm rule ze2
别 do not, other bie
利 profit li
删 delete shan1
剂 dose ji4
制 system zhi4
剌 slash la2
剥 peel skin shell shuck bao1

劓 cut off the nose yi4
允 just fair permit allow yun3
兄 brother xiong
光 guang light
先 first xian
二 two are
元 first originally source yuan
亟 urgent ji2
些 few xie
区 district qu1
匹 匠 阴 阵 陆 邮 陟 隙 兑
兼 double twice two at once jian
几 table, how many ji
凭 lean on ping2
卫 defend wei4
印 imprint yin4
即 approach ji2
卸 unload xie4
卿 minister qing1
内 interior nei4
再 again zai4
冒 hat mao
功 merit achievement gong
加 add jia
劣 inferior lie4
劫 plunder jie
劳 toil lao
军 army jun
农 clothing yi
冠 crown guan1
冥 dark deep ming2
冤 injustice yuan
从 following cong2
今 this today jing
仄 oblique ze4
令 command ling4
会 meeting can will hui
企 plan, stand on tiptoe qi3
众 crowd zhong
佥 all qian
俞 yes yu
仆 to fall prostrate pu
仁 compassion ren
什 what shen
付 pay fu
仟 1000 qian
仕 official shi
仙 immortal xian
伐 fell cut down fell fa2
伏 to hide, ambush fu2
件 item jian4
伍 half squad, 5 soldiers wu
休 rest xiu
伊 he/she yi
伫 look toward turn one’s back on zhu4
佞 eloquent talented ning4
位 position location honored person wei
作 make do zuo
佰 100 bai
佩 wear accompany pei
保 guard bao
便 ordinary plain convenient bian
侵 invade qin
信 letter believe in faith confidence xin
俯 look down stoop fu
倌 hired hand herdsman
偫 wait for zhi4
半 half ban4
卉 plants flowers hui
华 flower, china, splendid hua
协 cooperate harmonize xie2
卖 sell mai
县 county xian4
亡 die perish wang2
充 fulfill fill chong1
享 benefit enjoy xiang3
计 calculate ji
讨 demand tao
讷 speak cautiously ne
设 set up arrange display she4
诂 comment explain gu3
建 establish found set up jian4
及 exceed overtake
双 pair twin shuang
友 friend you3
取 select choose qu
受 receive shou4
叟 old man, old gentleman sou3
叠 folded, layered die2
艺 skill, art yi4
芝 a type of flower zhi
芬 perfume fragrance fen1
芟 cut down mow scythe shan1
苗 sprout miao2
茁 sprout chu
荡 to wash, squander dang4
荧 flicker glimmer ying2
莽 thick weeds mang3
莫 there is no mo
蒐 search out sou1
葬 bury the dead zang4
蔑 belittle, nothing mie4
蔚 luxuriant wei4
屯 station soldiers store up tun
往 toward wang3
征 journey expedition attack zheng1
得 get obtain de
御 defend imperial drive yu4
微 micro miniature wei2
州 continent zhou
进 enter jin
连 link review lian2
运 move yun4
送 deliver give song
退 retreat evade avoid tui4
逐 hunt down zhu2
逸 flee escape yi4
对 right at to dui
寻 search seek xun
封 confer grant bestow feng
尉 military officer wei
尊 serve honor zun
天 sky heaven tian
夯 drive piles hang1
央 center yang
夺 rob snatch duo2
夹 come lai
夷 foreigners, to wipe out yi2
奔 rush elope ben1 go toward ben4
奋 exert one’s self fen4
奉 revere believe in offer tribute fertile feng
奇 strange wierd wonderful qi
奏 present a memorial zou
套 cover tao
奚 what where why xi
并 and bing
左 left zou
差 difference discrepancy cha
引 draw a bow yin
弢 case cover tao
弦 bow string instrument xian2
弱 weak ruo4
开 open start kai1
异 differeny hetero yi4
弄 lane alley long4
弃 abandon quit qi4
庆 celebrate qing
库 storehouse ku
康 health kang
庸 use yong
廛 marketplace chan
归 go back return gui
彗 comet hui
市 market city shi
师 teacher master shi
希 rare xi1
句 sentence clause phrase ju4
古 ancient gu3
号 hao number roar
可 can ke3
叵 not thereupon po3
史 history shi
台 desk platform stage tai2
右 right hand you4
合 fit join he2
后 after hou
吉 lucky ji
吏 minor official li4
名 name ming2
同 alike tong2
吹 blow chui1
吠 bark fei
否 negate fou
告 tell admonish warn gao
君 gentleman jun1
启 start open qi3
吴 stupid stumm dumb wu2
员 servant yuan
咎 blame jiu4
命 life fate order ming
咸 salty xian2
哥 elder brother ge
哭 sad ku
啮 gnaw nie4
啬 stingy se4
商 commerce shang
喜 to be fond of xi3
器 tool qi
嚣 clamor xiao
驭 drive manage yu4
驳 refute contradict varia bo2
骥 refined virtuous thoroughbred horse ji4
闪 dodge duck flash shan3
闭 blocked bi4
闯 charge rush chuang3
间 space jian
闰 the leap-dayrun4
闲 rest xian
闹 noisy nao4
阋 argue xi4
阉 castrate yan
安 peace an
守 guard defend shou3
宋 song dynasty song
定 fix determine order ding
官 official government organ guan
审 examine carefully try in court shen
实 honest true real shi
宜 suitable appropriate proper yi2
宗 school model ancestor zong
宦 official huan
室 room shi4
宪 statute constitution xian4
家 family jia1
害 harm injure interrogate hai
宰 slaughter butcher govern rule zai3
寇 bandit kou4
寒 cold han2
寡 few widowed gua3
奴 slave girl nu
妃 imperial concubine fei1
妇 woman wife mother fu4
奸 traitor jian
好 good
如 as if ruo
妥 secure tuo
妻 wife qi
妾 concubine qie4
委 winding curved wei1
娣 wife of younger brother di4
婴 infant baby ying1
岔 fork in road cha
岐 divergent steep qi2
岳 high mountain yue4
彤 red tong2
彪 tiger’s stripes biao1
彭 peng2
尹 to rule yin
尼 nun ni2
局 office board ju2
尿 piss niao4
尾 tail wei32
履 tread on lu3
饮 drink yin
饺 dumplings jiao
士 master scholar warrior knight shi4
扫 broom sweep sao3
报 announce newspaper bao4
折 break loss she2 flip fracture zhe1
投 throw invest tou
找 find seek zhao
拘 adhere capture restrain ju1
招 recruit zhao1
授 teach instruct award give shou4

掩 cover up surprise yan3
揣 chuai1 put into chuai3 guess estimate
汉 Han Chinese han4
汲 draw water from a well ji2
沙 sand grain sha1
法 law fa3
泅 submerge swim under water qiu2
洄 whirlpool hui2
津 saliva, ferry crossing
流 flowing liu2
涉 step pace bu
渔 fisherman yu
渊 abyss yuan
潀 gather flow into water water’s sound cong2
纱 cotton sha1
绞 twist wind entangle wring jiao3
绝 cut short extinguish diminish jue2
绥 pacify sui2
绵 silk down silky smooth cotton soft weak mian2
巽 obey xun4
圭 jade tablet gui1
圳 field’s furrow, drainage ditch zhen4
坚 solid firm resolute jian1
坐 to sit zuo
城 fortress walls city cheng2
墙 wall qiang2
壑 gully he4
囚 prisoner qiu2
因 rely on, cause, because yin1
困 sleepy trap kun4 bunched together kun3
国 kingdom guo
囷 granary jun1
图 map tu2
尧 emperor Yao2
外 out of the ordinary outside wai4
舛 mistaken erroneous chuan3
多 many multi duo1
夙 morning early long cherished su4
少 few little lack young shao3
尘 dust chen2
尖 narrow tipped narrowing pointy jian1
尚 still yet value esteem shang4
恒 constant permanent heng2
愎 perverse obstinate bi4
憔 haggard qiao2
幼 young you4
尨 mang2 striped
就 then jiu4
冬 winter dong1
处 reside dwell chu3
夏 summer xia4
孕 pregnant yun4
孙 grandson sun1
季 season period ji4
孰 who what which shu2
孱 coward dodger can4 chan2
负 bear on one’s back fu4
贞 chaste zhen1
败 defeated loss bai4
贯 string of 1000 cash guan4
贰 two er
贼 thief zei2
赘 superfluous redundant cumbersome zhui4
赢 win beat ying2
比 comparison particle bi3
毕 whole finish complete bi4
羔 lamb gao1
焦 scorched jiao1
爇 heat burn re4
轰 boom explosion hong
辇 emperors carriage nian3
辔 bridle reins pei4
死 death si3
料 grain material liao4
危 danger wei1
旅 trip travel lu3
族 ethnic group zu2
成 accomplish cheng2
戎 weapon military rong2
戍 garrison outpost village shu4
戒 warn jie4
我 i wo3
或 or huo4

戛 lance jia2
戟 halberd ji3
戾 bend violate oppose tyrannical li4
扁 flat bian3
扇 fan shan
灰 ash hui1
灾 disaster zai1
灶 stove zao4
炎 flame yan2
炙 broil roast zhi4
炽 flame blaze chi4
烦 vexed troubled fan2
焚 burn fen2
燧 fire kindle sui4
燮 harmonize xie4
既 already since ji4
见 see jian4 appear xian4
规 compass gui1
觅 seek mi4
览 look over view lan
斩 behead zhan3
断 break off duan4
斯 this si1
老 old lao
耇 wrinkled face gou3
笔 brush pen bi3
毳 crisp brittle animal hair cui4
束 bunch shu4
杲 sunshine’s bright
构 construct
林 grove lin2
枚 MW round hard valuable things mei2
析 analyze xi1
枭 brave owl smugler drug pusher xiao1
杳 dark & quiet disappear yao3
枣 dates zao3
柬 card letter jian3
栗 chestnut, afraid li4
桑 mulberry tree sang1
梁 beam of roof liang2
梦 dream meng4
棘 thorns ji2
棉 cotton mian2
森 jungle sen
牟 barley moo mou2
牡 male mu3
牦 yak mao2
牧 shepherd mu4
牒 dispatch official document die2
牖 latice window enlighten you3
改 change alter correct gai3
攸 distant far you1
攽 ban1
敖 ramble ao2
敢 dare gan3
教 teach jiao1
敬 respect venerate jing4
款 section paragraph funds kuan3
献 offer xian4
旬 ten days xun2
早 early zao3
旨 imperial decree purpose zhi3
昌 glorious flourishing resplendent chang1
昊 vast and limitless hao4
昏 lose consciousness faint delirium hun1
昆 elder brother kun1
明 bright ming2
春 spring chun1
是 is shi4
显 prominent conspicuous xian3
昼 daytime zhou4
晃 dazzle huang3 sway huang4
晋 Jin Dynasty Jin
晨 morning daybreak chen2
晶 crystal sparkle jing1
暴 sudden violent cruel expose injure destroy bao4
氓 vagrant mang2 people meng2
礼 rite propriety gift li3
社 society she4
神 divine god shen2
祝 invoke pray zhu4
承 carry hold bear cheng2
拜 worship bai4
拿 take hold na2
挚 sincere zhi4
殷 scarlet yan1 flourishing dynasty yin1
沓 many again and again ta4
淼 王 珑 班 必 态 您 悉 惠
意 idea yi4
愚 stupid yu2
慝 evil thought te4
懑 melancholy men4
爽 bright clear crisp shuang3
曳 drag ye4
最 most zui4
有 have you3
肘 elbow, pork shoulder zhou3
肥 fat fei2
服 clothing fu2
肯 certain ken3
育 rear nourish yu4
脉 artery mai4
胤 heir inherit yin4
脆 brittle fragile cui4
朔 first day of lunar month shuo4
望 full moon hope gaze into distance wang4
朝 dynasty chao2
爰 consequently, thus yuan2
支 support branch mw zhi1
此 these ci3
步 step stage bu4
武 martial military wu3
歪 askew wai1
百 100 bai3
皆 all in each case jie1
甚 what shen2 any shen4
甜 sweet tian2
秀 handsome refined elegant graceful xiu4
秉 grasp hold maintain bing3
科 branch of study ke4
秦 qin dynasty qin2
穗 ear of grain sui4
钊 cut strain encourage zhao1
针 needle zhen1
钩 hook gou1
立 stand li4
竞 contend struggle jing4
竟 unexpectedly surprisingly jing4
章 chapter zeal zhang1
竦 horrified incite raise song3
盈 full filled surplus ying2
盍 why not he2
监 hard strong solid firm supervise inspect jail jian1
益 benefit profit advantage versement yi4
盗 rob robber dao4
盟 oath meng2
監 hard strong jail jian1
盥 wash hands guan4
毒 posion du2
直 straight upright vertical zhi2
看 look kan1
省 save economize sheng4 introspection xing3
相 mutual xiang1
真 genuine real true zhen1
睡 sleep shui4
睿 astute rui4
瞢 eyesight obscured ashamed meng2
矗 lofty upright chu4
疾 sickness disease hate envy ji2
鸣 birdcall ming2
鸷 bird of prey zhi4
皮 skin leather pi2
生 life give birth sheng1
磊 rockpile lei3
知 to know wisdom zhi1
短 short duan3
示 display show shi4
祟 evil spirit sui4
祭 to rise up and offer sacrifice ji4
票 ticket piao4
禀 natural quality bing3
罗 gauze collect gather luo2
罚 punish penalize fa2
罢 stop cease ba4
罨 foment valve yan3
置 install zhi4
罪 zui4 guilt
羁 bridle ji1
甸 imperial domain suburb dian4
男 man boy nan2
界 boundary introduce jie4
畋 farm, hunt tian2
畏 to fear wei4
畜 raise animals xu4
留 remain liu2
穿 pierce penetrate wear chuan1
窃 i beg to presume steal qie4
突 dash forth suddenly tu1
窅 deep yao3
窑 kiln oven yao2
窜 flee escape cuan4
疏 dredge sparse negligent commentary shu1
虫 insect chong2
蚀 nibble shi2
蛊 mythic poisonous insect poison bewitch madden gu3
耐 patient hardy capable of enduring nai4
耍 to play with shua3
聂 whisper nie4
联 ally lian2
虐 oppressive tyrant nu4
虔 devout qian2
臾 moment, little while yu2
臿 husk cha2
舀 scoop yao3
耨 hoe4 nou4
粉 powder fen3
粪 manure fen4
紧 strict tight jin3
素 white silk su4
索 search demand ask large rope suo3
累 tired lei4
絷 connect tie up zhi2
色 color sex se4
艳 colorful gaudy romantic yan4
舌 tongue she2
行 city street walkway line of business profession xing hang
衍 overflow yan3
襄 assist xiang1
笑 joke funny xiao
等 wait deng
筋 muscle jin1
筮 divine by stalk shi4
算 calculate suan4
臭 stink chou
采 pluck pick cai3
辱 humiliate ru3
赤 red scarlet naked chi4
赫 awe inspiring he4
谷 valley gu3
解 split sever jie3
里 lining interior inside in li
豚 suckling pig tun2
辟 king emperor monarch bi4
辞 refined language ci2
詈 curse scold li4
警 alert police jing
邑 village yi4
邕 harmonious yong4
酋 tribal chief qiu2
酒 alcohol jiu3
酣 drunk han1
酥 flakey pastry su1
酱 paste jiang4
醉 drunk zui4
走 walk go zou3
足 foot zu2
龀 replace milk teeth chen4
金 gold metal jin1
銜 hold in mouth xian2
青 clear green qing1
食 food shi2
飧 supper sun1
鲁 crass lu3
鲜 fresh xian
雪 snow xue3
需 require need xu1
霍 suddenly huo4
隽 handsome talented jun4
雀 bird que
骨 bone gu
髦 hair mane bangs mao2
麻 hemp ma
黑 black hei1
黥 criminal tatto (as punishment) qing2
鼓 drum gu3
鼻 nose bi
颓 crumble collaps tui2
颢 bright white hao4
频 frequency pin2
顷 half acre qing3
顺 obey follow shun4
衰 mourning garments cui1
表 show display biao3
羹 soup geng1
衅 quarrel blood sacrifice xin4
裂 break crack tear lie4

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