Cheng Yu for ”More Heat than Light” (Wuhan)

reflect fan3ying4


strike grab palm the cliff (stopped by opposition) central light returns to central source
light comes back REFLECTED from its surface

strike grab palm the cliff (stopped by opposition) a happy campfire beneath a cliff HEAT returns (simplified character)

If you touch a super-heated rock of course you will REACT in pain.

If you run your Hand up Against a phosphorescent rock (Cliff) light will REFLECT

Traditional: the bird man sings from his heart beneath the cliff in RESPONSE (traditional character )

More heat than light

fire burns all brows huo3 shao1 mei2 mao2 (0)

燃眉急 ran2 mei2 zhi3 ji2
burnt brows are nervous

Decrypt: The situation is desperate, however if we are injured thereby so also are you.

Cribs: This is an excellent source for chengyu cribs.