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Coming to terms with simplified hanzi

Some Chinese people find simplified Hanzi crude or barbaric ugly or otherwise. I generally don’t but then again I did not live through poor deadly war lord China and a fascist invasion.


this is a pair of hands of the elder generation surrounding and caring for someone precious. A school child.
It’s also a pair of hands from below lifting the school child up to the elder generation.

It is a traditional character.

This is the same character, simplified in modern Mainland Chinese. 普通话

this is the younger generation giving the school child a god damned desk. a desk at which the kid gets lunch books a pen a copy book etc.


I also really love this one. It’s the western star, venus (on the left)! Bright and beautiful shining in the western sky. But the star is falling! (on the right) it’s fall portends something important about the future. The falling star is a visitor from the OUTSIDE world. 夕+卜= 外

Hanzi are very beautiful and meaningful and I encourage anyone to learn Chinese, any dialect, and at any time in your life. It’s my greatest and most enjoyable language challenge!


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