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Connected Clashing Characters (Dissonance)

答含 he2 gei3 da2 han2

gu3 su2

容溶 rong2

合 he close 

mouth on top with something inside it as a dot below another mouth. two people kissing as symbol of closed

盒 he box

the noune form of the verb he close

给 gei give

a cognate! hold it close and kiss it because it is very lonely.

答 da answer reply return 荅


bamboo box; i suppose the bamboo symbolizes a

含 han

keep, suck on; lit. to contain in one’s mouth

谷 gu

valley, grain (grain comes from valleys).


custom convention popular coarse vulgar


hold contain countenance



Apparently these are mostly combined concept characters (hui yi si 会意思). I don’t think language drift can explain these dissonances. Some are of course pictophonetic (形声字). Anyway they are all frequent and easily confused and should be memorized by rote. Repetition is the mother of learning.


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