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Devil’s Diplomantic Dictionary: Free Supplement

Free supplement to
The Devil’s Diplomatic Dictionary

Black Humour
He who laughs, lasts.

Black site
See: Prankster Paradise

Clout in a silver lining
A wealthy lout, boorish, and violent. See: Mobligarch.

Gallows Humour
Laughter is the best medicide.

The most bitter cynical member of a trench-coat mafia in any high school. Highly intelligent, and for this reason entirely disaffected.

Needle in a hey stack
Any intensive academic research usually undertaken in a library to find any obscure piece of information. The search may or may not be fruitless.

Where Wolf
A game of hunt and go seek (q.v.) played by law enforcement seeking to fine a needle in a hey stacks (q.v.)


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