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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren sensibly apologized, at least to the Cherokee nation. I expect this issue will not go away, but also will not haunt her or sink her candidacy.

In contrast,  white boys who claim that they don’t remember getting done up in black face – or a klan uniform – have a massive credibility problem. That’s especially if they admit having pretended to be Michael Jackson on other occasions. One story he claimed was he did not know which one was him, then he claims neither are him. Ok…well, how does a photograph of someone purportedly not you just turn up in your year book?

It doesn’t. Leaders are held to a higher standard. The first error in judgment was dressing up like a magical negro. The second error in judgment was making photographs. The third error in judgment was publishing the photographs. The first lie was not remembering who it was. The next lie was claiming neither of them are you. We don’t want leaders with who make repeated “mistakes”. We don’t want leaders who lie badly or even lie at all.

Newsflash: facial recognition technology is very advanced and can easily determine if the person wearing black face make up is you.

Here’s mud in your eye. Looking forward to your resignation.

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