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From “The Devil’s Diplomatic Dictionary

Pocahontas: A white person, who thinks themselves to be an Indian, although they are not enrolled in any nation band or tribe recognized by the BIA, nor have any demonstrable Indian blood or tribal adoption. Supposedly a Harvard law school has a quota of Pocahontas’s though whether this quota, if it even exists, is a glass ceiling or glass floor is open for debate.

Domestic dependent nation; the American term for what in international law is called a “vassal state”. Vassal states retain their international legal personality, however their foreign policy competences are exclusively administered by their suzerain. As the Six Nations Confederacy retains relations both to the government of Canada and the United States it is not a vassal state.

Navajo Code Talker: An Indian, usually but not necessarily a Navajo, who talks about “flying turkeys” who are all set for a “crash landing” and will end up in a “birdcage”; possibly in English, if they are feeling so inclined. See also: Counting Coups. See also: hero.

Counting Coups: The Indian practice, among some of the native nations, of quietly putting a notch in their rifle for all the people they chose not to kill, but could have and maybe even should have.

Indian: A term for some to be indignant about. Any of the various native nations on turtle island (q.v.) or any member thereof whether by blood or adoption. Possibly a corruption of the term Indigenous? Etymologically usually attributed to Columbus’s navigation error. See also: redskin/red’s kin.

Redskin: A paleface suffering from a bad bout of nuclear radiation.

Red’s kin: Polite term for a half-breed, quarter-breed, octaroon, or any other mixed blood person; not to be confused with “red kin”, which is a rude term for a shabby commie relative.

Assimilation: See “slow-motion genocide”; “boiling a frog”; “raspberry reich”.

Indian Giver: A white person, who claims that a fraudulent treaty divests of so-called “Indian title”; see also — thief.

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