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Free supplement! :) “Mandate of Heaven”

Pictogram Palace: Free Supplement

Mandate of Heavan:


Tian1Ming4 Literally means “heaven fate”. The mandate of heaven, similar to the divine right of kings.

This is the image of a man standing with his arms spread out under the clouds of the sky above
means big
 means one. Put them together and One Big Man under One sky/cloud/heaven。

Above is a roof, or a person 人. Below the roof is one Together make ji2 which means assembly (one group of people under one roof). MING4 FATE

Below is a mouth on the left kou4 and an obeisant person on the right. Together they make kou4 which means to get on one’s knees and bow to the floor in reverence.

An assembly of people bowing reverently to their FATE MING4

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