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Free supplement! The Devil’s Diplomatic Dictionary: Coonman, Con man, Coon, Governor Coonman

Free supplement! The Devil’s Diplomatic Dictionary: Coonman, Con man, Coon, Governor Coonman

Con Man: A liar, who deceives others for their own profit; generally by some variety of fraud. From “confidence”, i.e. the abuse of confidence. Also from “convict”, a person convicted of crime. Sometimes merely a trickster (q.v.).

Coonman: A clueless white man who thinks himself capable of further conning the public into believing him capable of holding public positions of trust.

Governor Coonman: Governor Northam of Virginia. So-called because this was his nickname at Virginia Military Institute, where he studied.

Coon: A derogatory term used to insult black people.  Probably from “Racoon” because racoons are dark, have striped fur (like a prisoner’s clothing) and rob things at night. Coon is really one of the worse racist terms.

An Interview with Old Nick’ hereto:

This was so important I felt it needful to interviewe Old Nick’ (q.v.) about it. Hereto, Cao Cao said this:

“Ah yes, race hate… one of my favorite weapons! I use it to set you at each others’ throats the better to enslave you. When my Nemesis created this world he made the white people to look like angels and the black people to look like … their Shadow. [q.v.]

I set to my task quickly of course. This was such an opportunity as so rarely comes!

First, I referred to them as ‘the beasts of the field’ then as ‘talking beasts’ … if only you mortal idiots would dare read the bible then you would see my hand in it… I can quote scripture to serve my purpose. But I Generallie prefer your ignorance… it’s more … useful.

The poisonous fruit of my careful cultivation of ignorance, fear, and distrust? Hatred! I was finally convince some of you that THEY were nought but my very agents on earth! Soon I had “white devils” enslaving and then lynching “black bastards”.

Millions of slaves. Hundreds of thousands of corpses. But above all so many souls of all colors reaped! The fruits of this strange harvest …ah, the things I ought not to tell you.

Results, my man, results are all that counts! Nothing succeeds like success, and the victors write history, don’t we?

But I diegress. Let me return to our topick…”

Whisps of hot smoke curled forth from his nostrils. His claws gently, pensively, scratched the table top… I could see blood under them. He looked deep within my eyes. Whether he saw nothing there worth seizing or was unable to seize whatever remnants rest within I do not know.

I bid him to depart. Our interview ended at this point.


Governor Northam of Virginia, pictured in his college year book wearing black makeup standing next to a man costumed up as a KKK member claims not to be in that picture, but to have impersonated Michael Jackson whilst wearing shoe polish. Well, how did his photo get into his year book, hm? Why couldn’t he remember Michael Jackson’s name?

When a witness contradicts themselves they are legally impeachable. Their testimony may be impeached since their contradiction renders their word worthless. Governor Coonman literally impeached himself due to his own stupid actions then and now.

One of Governor Northam’s nicknames was “coonman”.  “Coon” is a derogatory reference to black people, probably from “Racoon” because racoons are dark, have striped fur (like a prisoner’s clothing) and rob things at night so it’s really one of the worse racist terms. Some white people (generally rich)(often from the southern states) stole Africans and enslaved them. Their literal heirs and then blame the descendants of their victims, projecting their ancestors’ own crimes onto the descendants of the victims. It’s the same thing of profiting from exploitation and then pretending to somehow be the victim of it which had haunted Warren. Warren apologized, credibly, and hopefully will move on. Northam in contrast “apologized” and followed his “apology” up with a denial that is simply not credible.

Governor Coonman should resign. Has nothing to do with party politics. One cannot effectively execute laws when scandalized due to one’s bad judgments. Dressing up like Michael Jackson (probably not the only time), wearing black shoe polish,  and then telling obvious lies about it impugn his credibility. All this taken together is grounds for impeachment, and probably also removal from office.

Public power is a public trust. When people have proven themselves untrustworthy then they ought not be entrusted with public office.

Here endeth the lesson.

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