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Hanzi Character Series (Pictogram Palace)

Chinese characters exhibit a powerful attractive and compelling logic. E.g. 乂中史吏更
Let’s look at how this character series unfolds for it is logical, and thus memorable.

yi4 regulate govern control
Mnemonic: Yes It looks like x. X Marx the spot for government control!

zhong1/4 middle, within, center bullseye (it is the image of an archery target as symbol of “middle”)
Mnemonic: BULLSEYE! Zap! Hit it! One New Goal!

shi3 history: history is the record of governance of the middle kingdom. China is the middle kingdom.
Stories? Here It is! HISTORY
Stories? Hear It! HISTORY

li4 minor government official – for example a recorder of legal instruments, of official records, a historian, the recorder of history! Official government records are a central part of history.
Mnemonic: Licensing Inspector
Licensing Librarian

geng4 furthermore: this character is the records of history. Furthermore, The minister adds one more mark to the official record. In first tone is the Night watchman of the state.
Given Even Newer Grants MORE, STILL MORE, EVEN MORE research is possible.

Next time we will do

义 使便


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