heart radical


xin heart kuai quick man slow qing emotion wang forget (mang blind)




mao hat man long handsome man inundate free unrestrained man de lian ai

燥躁趮 zao

bath parched hot tempered pearled pendant easily provoked

喿 sao chirping of birds

衄 bloody nose makes me look like a clown nv4

衃 pei

tiao3 carry on a pole (hand plus omen; because omens would be carried around for all to see, I guess)

xin4 blood sacrifice (blood drop on top left dripping into a sacrificial dish on bottom left, symbol of split in half on the right, I believe it’s a tree trunk split down the middle.)

tiao3 xin4. provoke (hand+omen)+(blood+split in half)=PROVOCATION

黄huang yellow

yellow originally da big + sun ri. simplified and added jade yellow necklace to make the point clearer. I have seen this elsewhere as an archery target or perhaps cured leather which changes its color when stretched out in the sun. Whatever it’s etymology HUANG2 = YELLOW.