Honey Draws Flies … in Chinese.


苍 gray (clue:granary ) cang1
蝇 flies (bug on left frog on right) ying2
不 don’t (picture of a root as symbol of not/don’t. roots DON’T move) bu4
叮 sting (ding rhymes with sting and they mean the same thing!) ding1
无 wu unable (picture of a lamed man as symbol of incapacity) wu2
缝 fine silk thread on the left mountain peak on the right on top of walking radical. so it’s a fine unbroken mountain range as a symbol for SEAMLESS, UNBROKEN feng4
的 de of it’s just like french or spanish DE=OF de4
蛋 dan egg. creepy crawly on the bottom upright walking man on top. What is an upright/straight/ordered creepy crawly? An egg!
So: Gray flies don’t peck unbroken eggs. dan4