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How to Survive Solitary Confinement

I read an interesting article on surviving solitary confinement. It’s relevant if only because of memory strategies and also because kleptocratic dictatorships often imprison dissident activists. So if you too are considering opposing state power you might want to think about “what do I do if they put me in jail, alone, for a very long time?” I hear that’s how Gramsci did all his writing.
Survival strategies in solitary confinement can be summarized as follows:


Visualization: Visualize imaginary scenes and conversations including outright talking out-loud
Imagination: Make your imaginary world visually vivid.
Memorization: Memorize i.e. review mental knowledge; mental math, mental vocabulary etc.
Reconsideration: Look back at past events especially the bad ones to determine what went wrong, why, and what you would do differently; this too is a visualization and scripting exercise.
Determination: Set difficult long term goals and never ever give up on them.
How to Survive Solitary Confinement

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