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Is Santa Claus .. CHINESE? Yes! Let me show you the evidence!

Is Santa Claus .. CHINESE? Let me show you the evidence!
1) Notorious for wearing RED.
2) Loaded down with LOTS of toys and goodies. Where did they come from? His factory! About that in a minute…
3) Uses an outlandish flying machine aka a FLYING CAR.
4) Sometimes lies! Claims to live at the north pole. Claims to have a factory at the norht pole. Riiiiiight.
5) Keeps a long list of whose been naughty and nice. Social credit score much? Enabled by facial recognition AI obviously.
6) Has lots of small people working in his factories. He calls them “elves” I call them child laborers!
7) Speaks Chinese fluently. Frequently quoted as saying “hohoho” in other words 活活火!
圣诞节快乐! 这是你的礼物美丽的老师!希望你喜欢。

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