Jin1 Xin4 Yin2 Hang2 金信银行

Jin Xin Yin Hang 银行

(X in Chinese is pronounced hs or hsh)
金 gold. The dots are the gold bars. It’s either a mining shaft or a pan for panning gold.
信 faith, confidence. It is a person on the right. Sound waves are coming from their mouth on the right.
银 silver. It’s gold on the left and an eyeball looking down and backward on the right.
行 line of trade. It’s a crossroads seen from above. Shops line it. Also pronounced xing, then it means street, walking, ok

Silver trade is Chinese for bank because Chinese money was more often silver ingots called “taels” (one tael, two taels).

“Golden Faith Bank”.

Bao3 An1 Tang2

Guard Peace Hall