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Learn to read Chinese EASILY with Pictogram Palace.

一 one (sideways Roman I)
十 ten (sideways Roman X)
木 tree (picture of a tree)
米 rice (picture of a tree with grains of rice)
床 bed (beds are made of wood and are underneath a broad roof)
广 broad roof manor

人 person (stickfigure picture)
大 big (person holding their arms out: “that fish was this big!”)
犬 big dog with a slab of meet
庆 big festival (parties are generally underneath a roof)

休 resting (person leaning up against a tree is resting)

And just like that you learned 20 characters which can be read in Japan China Korea and even among the smarter Vietnamese.

Chinese is easy: what we lack is a systematic approach. I have that.

My strategy, love, is mysterious and rightous.

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