List of Chinese Pictograms

I am sure there must be more pictograms than just these. However, this is the closest I have found so far to a complete list of Chinese pictograms (形意字)

丫 girl ya
丰 fertile feng
乌 crow wu
丹 pellet red dan
册 pamphlet ce
乐 happy music le yue
了 state-change understanding le liao
丁 peg nail ding
不 not bu
丑 ugly chou
丏 hidden mian3
业 industry work profession ye
丙 within bing
乙 bent winding yi
乞 beg qi3
也 also ye
主 owner lord zhu
八 eight split ba
勺 spoon shao2
勿 do not wu
匕 seven qi
卜 divine bu
卤 salt lu3
卣 wine jug you
刀 knife dao
龟 turtle gui
兔 rabbit tu
儿 boy son kid er
兆 omen zhao
兕 si4
兢 fearful jing1
于 in/at yu2
互 mutual hu4
井 well jing3
云 cloud yun2
亚 inferior second ya
兽 beast shou
几 table how many ji
凡 ordinary fan2
卯 mortise cut slot mao3
卵 egg ovum luan3
冉 passing of time ran3
网 net wang
冏 bright jiong3
力 power li

出 exit chu
函 envelope han2
人 person ren
仓 granary cang1
介 introduce between jie4
以 in order to yi3
侯 marquis hou2
入 enter ru
升 raise sheng1
午 noon wu
克 subdue dominate ke
亢 overbearing kang
亥 year of boar hai4
交 intersect exchange interchange jiao4
亨 prosperous heng1
京 capital jing1
亭 pavillion ting2
又 again you4
反 reverse contrary oppose anti fan4
若 as if looks like ruo4
蓑 straw raincoat suo1
彳step with left foot chi4
巢 nest chao2
川 river chuan1
大 big da
夭 to die prematurely yao1
夫 rich man fu
奠 offering to the dead dian
飞 fly fei
干 dried out tree trunk gan4
工 work worker tool gong
巨 giant ju
巫 witch wu1
弓 bow gong
弗 not fu2
弟 younger brother di duty ti
己 self ji3
已 already yi3
彘 swine zhi4
巾 towel shawl cloth jin1
帚 broom zhou3
带 band belt girdle wear dai4
帝 emperor di4
口 mouth kou3
吕 pitchpipe lu3
向 toward direction xiang4
周 circle encircle zhou1
黾 toad min3
马 horse ma3
门 gates door men2
它 it ta1
宫 palace gong1
寅 year of tiger yin2
女 woman nv
山 mountain shan
尸 funerary representative corpse shi1
居 reside ju1
壶 teapot hu2
才 talent cai2
巳 year of the snake si4
巴 long for ba1
土 dirt earth tu
堆 stack pile dui
囟 foontanelle xin
舜 the chieftan Shun
小 small xiao3
禺 district
禹 Chieftan Yu the Great yu3
禽 birds qin2
弋 shoot dart yi4
孑 alone ji2
子 son kid zi
孔 Confucius kong
贝 clam bei4
焉 where yan
燕 the swallow (a small bird( yan
长 great long chang
车 chariot carriage car che1
歹 evil death die dai3
斗 dipper fight dou
方 square just fang
戈 spear ge1
戉 battleaxe yue4
户 door household hu4
火 fire huo
斤 worktool, ax, pound jin
毛 hair fur mao
木 tree mu
未 not yet mei
朵 bud duo
来 come law
果 fruit guo
某 some such mou3
牛 cow niu
气 water vapour breath qi
欠 deficient lack yawn qian
犬 big dog quan3
日 day sun ri
昔 past former xi
易 easy exchange yi4
星 star xing
晓 dawn xiao3
氏 clan shi
手 hand shou
水 water river liquid
永 eternal yong
泉 spring source quan2
瓦 tile wa3
文 culture language wen2
心 heart mind xin1
牙 tooth ya2
爻 lines on a trigram yao2
月 moon yue4
肩 shoulder jian1
朋 friend peng2
胃 stomach wei
能 can neng
爵 bronze wine flask jue2
爪 claws zhua3
白 white bai2
皇 the emperor huang2
癸 10th gui3
登 mount deng1
瓜 melon gua1
禾 grain he2
秃 bald shaven tu1
秋 autumn qiu1
秫 millet shu
龙 dragon long
矛 spear mao
皿 dish min
母 mother mu
目 eye mu
盾 shield dun4
眉 eyebrow mei
鸟 bird niao
石 stone shi
磬 chinese jade hanging xylophone qing4
矢 arrow shi3
甲 armor scale jia3
田 field rice paddy tian
畎 field drains quan3
番 foreign fan1
玄 mysterious black xuan2
率 frequency lu4 lead command shuai4
穴 cave xue
窗 window chuang1
用 use yong
甫 just now fu
玉 jade yu4
臣 statesman minister chen2
蜀 the kingdom of shu
而 and as well but er
耳 ear er3
缶 pottery fou3

西 west xi
要 want yao
行 row series profession hang
羽 feather yu3
至 arrive zhi4
舟 boat zhuo1
竹 bamboo zhu2
自 self zi
辰 mythical clam chen2
豆 beans beanpot dou4
角 horn jiao3
身 body shen1
豕 swine shi3
象 elephant form xiang
辛 tired xin1
酉 winejug you3
齿 tooth chi
阜 foothills near a city fu
鱼 fish yu
雨 rain yu
雷 thunder lei
隹 jaybird zhui
革 leather ge
鬼 ghost gui
韭 leeks jiu3
面 face noodles miaan
首 head shou
鬯 sacrificial spirits chang4
高 tall gao
鬲 cauldron ge li
黄 yellow scarecrow flayed skin huang2
鹿 deer lu
鼎 tripod ding3
鼠 rat shu3
页 face of a page, face of a person ye
衣 clothing yi
米 rice mi
羊 goat yang
舌 tongue she2
琴 zither piano qin2
止 stop zhi3
老 old lao
久 long time jiu
王 king wang