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Metamorphosis (from “Terrible Tales and Worse Verse”)

Once upon a time there was a loud loud lesbian.
She was a nervous nelly!
She was simply so scared!
See, some simple minded people don’t like lesbians.
Even the good ones!
Even the kind ones!
Even the nice ones!
Not nice!
So: Nervous nelly.
Why are they that way? Why don’t they like the good ones, or the kind ones, or even the nice ones?
That’s because some people are simple.
So the loud lesbian learned to love herself more and more and the more she loved herself the more other people loved her.
Which is why she was a lesbian in the first place. She loved herself, and she was a woman.
But the more the other people loved her, the sweeter her voice grew.
And the sweeter her voice grew the less nervous she felt.
And the calmer she felt the more confident she became.
So the loud loud lesbian turned into a sweet sonorous songbird!
It took a lot of time but was worth it.
The end 🙂

Moral: Be loud. Be brave. Be loving. Become even better!

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