MSS ENCRYPT: 生 SHENG4 (Pictogram Palace Wittastic Edition)

This is bigger than you or me.” -Humphrey Bogart

Today’s character is:

Let’s break it down!

On the left is the image of the crescent moon yue4. Yue is also the image of a side of ribs. It means moon, body, meat: The moon is a luminous body. in this character is a semantic element. here is the goddess of the moon, 嫦娥.

On the right is the image of a sprouting plant. 生 sheng1 which is the phonetic element in this character. Phonetic elements and semantic elements are mutually reinforcing! The characters were NOT arbitrarily chosen: they were selected by scribes with a view to the picture, the sound, and the meaning. All three elements are meant to be mutually reinforcing, so there is a purpose to careful scrutiny in deciphering Chinese characters.

is the image of the seed which has been planted and is now is sprouting: Thus, means birth. also means life. also means growth.

We see here by moonlight: or beside the human body.

is the victory of a woman giving birth. It is victory which has emerged after careful planning, planting, and patience.

! Sieg sheng de sheng! 申胜的胜! Fourth tone sheng!

Athena sprang forth fully formed from the brain of Zeus clad in armor crying  VICTORY!