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Pictogram Palace Freebie: Yan 颜 Color 颜色的颜

Freebie for Pictogram Palace 颜 yan2

Character break-down for yan2 颜:

li4 on the top left it means standing it’s the image of a person standing. and that person is right on top of han/chang3

a cliff. together

chan3 means production it’s the image of a factory on a cliff building standing on a cliff. there are shan shadows

cast onto that cliff. Beside the man on the cliff standing over shadows on the cliff is the image of a persons face ye4

(chopstick as a hair-tie).
This is the idea of color: colors on one’s face, the colors cast by shadows.
页 on the left is the phonetic clue to the initial sound Y shan 彡 on the left is the phonetic clue to the final sound. Imagery: A man standing on a cliff stroking his beard as shadows fall onto the cliff, we can clearly see the COLORS of his face the COLORS on the cliff.
Nuance =

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