Pro Testing is all the RAGE these days


罢 ba4 stop

Net on top (wang2)
big foot on the bottom walking out of the city below (qu4 – it is a deformed character due to simplification; memory trick? the si on the bottom is an arrow pointing his way out! not really: it’s deformed, but hopefully more memorable that way).

It’s an associative idea character. Two ideas brought together to express a third.


罢手 ba shou – ba to stop, shou, hands; it means to stop as in quit as in surrender as in hands up!


罟 gu trap, implicate

Literally a net for trapping birds or fish; figuratively catch in the criminal drag net.

Net on top (semantic)
Gu character below (phonetic) = 10 mouths.
A pictophonetic character.

10 mouths caught in a  net: TRAP, IMPLICATE


Hope you like my blahg :/ cough cough
Rage, btw, is French for madness as in rabies.

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