“Right Side PAC”

Trump  can and likely will win the election. I anticipate the usual dismissive elitism of the governing class, which is one of the reasons he will win. Meanwhile, polls supposedly show Biden 14% ahead. Let’s suppose that’s true. So what? The ONLY poll that matters is taken on the second Tuesday next November.
Meanwhile, some republicans purportedly decided to start a pro-Biden super pac aww.
Even if true: so what? Even if not in fact spies or disinformation agents they will be in any case quickly branded sell-outs, traitors, RINOs, and deep-state with no future career. If sincere, and not a feint to disinform and gather electoral data, these pactivists  are people willing to cut their own throats rather than see someone else win — and there are very very few such people. There are however plenty of useful idiots. I wouldn’t put much hope or any trust in “Right Side PAC”.

Elections are 51% affairs thanks to focus groups and exit polling the modern campaign data frequency attacks. The incumbent has about 5% advantage just by being incumbent. Despite a ruined economy and no foreign military victory to Trumpet (me so witty). The election is in fact Trump’s to lose.
Biden Can win. But I have yet to see him elaborate an actual strategy beyond “let’s win those democratic states Trump stole”. This seems to be working in Michigan but failing in Ohio.
I honestly think Trump is likelier to win Despite the cratered economy and inbound death wave. Have you looked at the Florida infection rate recently?

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