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Sounding similar logical terms 计划 机会 Pictogram Palace Freebie

计划 jihua44 and ji hui 机会14 are both important terms. they are high frequency and decisional connectors. one means plan, the other means opportunity. let’s not screw this  up. how to remember them?

Let’s start with ji as in strateJI becase that’s what it is. Strategic thinking requires sharp timing. And what do we know that’s sharp and precise? A needle!  zhen1 means needle.

什 ren2 +shi2 =shen=what.

But ji is
yanzipang on the left tells us this is about speaking. shi tenon the right. speaking+10=calculating.

jihua 计划

划 hua on the right means plan.
Mnemonic: Judge It Here Upon Another

calculated plan = strategy.


jihui then means plan 机 this ji means trigger, as in trigger of a gun, specifically a crossbow and thus the idea of MACHINE. 会 on the right means an assembly or gathering; it is specifically the idea of a temple-county fair. The top ren is actually a mouth eating food pac man style (the food is the dot). The bottom arrow indicates the idea of motion movement arrival. also the top ren (which is really a mouth) may be seen as a roof. This shows that hanzi are sometimes polysemic but their polysemicity is reinforcing.
Mnemonic: Join In Under Anonymous Identity

Trigger Meeting = Opportunity.

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