Steve Miller

A politico named Steve Miller has recently come into the limelight. Purportedly he ate glue as a 9 year old child.

Some people think it’s ok for teachers to divulge confidential information about their former students who were minor children. In fact that’s an abuse of confidence, a betrayal of trust and quite unfair. Divulging such stories by a person entrusted with guardianship shows a lack of good judgement and is evidence why such a person ought perhaps not be entrusted with small children.

But it gets worse. Do you know why children eat paper, glue, matches? Not boredom. Not gourmandise. Not to shock their elders. Children eat such things due to malnourishment.

The hypocritical false idealism and elitism of the U.S. political class explain why you have Trump as a backlash. People got tired of being sent to die and be broken in wars of choice. They got tired of seeing their friends or family die of opioids. And they got tired of being mocked by their self-appointed betters.

So: Although you *can* write TSPMVO you ought not to and this sentence shows why. Chinese people already have to put up with our incorrect tones and wrong measure words. Adding a potential grammar error by varying sentence order for style is foolish.
Chinese has no declensions or conjugation and so sentence order is fixed. STPMVO.
Also time is from most general to most specific, and place also is from largest to smallest. ALWAYS. Because: no declensions, no conjugation.

Wait, was that a non-sequitor? Something something.