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Tall Bridge for Emigrant Chinese 乔桥侨 q.uite i.mpressive a.ltitude o.ver

齐匀习 qi2 yun2 xi2 yu3 shao2 diao1
桥乔侨 qiao2
轿 jiao1 jiao4 jiao1


齐qi means level, neat, even; it is a synonym of yun 匀, which means equally distributed. 匀 Yun seems more about weight and equality whereas qi齐 seems to be more about surface areas and equal  heights.

匀yun looks like 习xi which is a fledgling birds wing as symbol of the idea of training and practice. 羽yu is the literal wing, it is a pictogram. 勺shao is a spoon with an object the dot of food on it. 刁diao is a daggar held in the mouth. These are look alikes only. They have different etymologies.

齐qi Level also looks a lot like jiao 乔 Tall. Jiao乔 means tall


乔桥侨 qiao2

乔Tall 乔

桥Bridge 桥

侨Emigrant 侨


娇轿骄 jiao

娇Pampered 娇

轿Arrogant 轿 he’s on his High horse with a War Chariot

骄Sedan Chair 骄 she’s on her High Horse carried aloft by four friends – or are they coolies?

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