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The Universal Translator: BEER 啤酒

“pee joe” is Chinese for beer. It looks like this

jiu3 means any kind of alcohol if you specifically want beer instead of wine you must say pee joe not just joe. 酒 is a picture of a wine jug

啤 pi2 is the field 田tian2 where grain comes from, I Guess.
I just remember it as a farmer 农民nong2min2 who gets out of his vehicle 车che1 near a field 田 because 由 you2 he needs to pee and his neighbors stare with their mouths 口 wide open. This is what drunk farmers do.

chenshan t-shirt 衬衫 what kind of clothing do you pinch 寸 in the shadows 彡 ? Shirts. wazi socks 袜子 what kind of clothes goes on the tips 末 of your toes? Socks.

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