Vignettes to Memorize Chinese Characters: 特 等 寺

I think one can use vignettes to associate related Chinese characters with each other and better remember them.
For Example:
特 等 寺
Te Deng Si
te bie de te
deng deng deng de deng
si miao de si

A Bull is Waiting beside Bamboo at a Temple. It is PARTICULARLY SPECIAL, AND SO ON.
特 等 寺:

I have noticed that I learn the meaning much quicker than the sound (since almost none of the sounds are cognate to English).

I would like to be able to write simple sentences using e.g. 特 等 寺 to relate the meanings and sounds of the characters in a meaningful way.

San dian shui on top?

Some characters have 3 dots on top and then kou 口

these characters often seem to rhyme with -ANG

Apparently this may be an instance of san dian shui…
deng deng deng…