I want to inject you with cock’s blood 打鸡血
because you are a sexy fox spirit! 狐狸精

 打鸡血 to motivate

(lit. to inject cock’s blood)

狐狸精 a sexy foxy spirit; vixen

(lit. fox spirit)


浓 STRONG, THICK This coffee is STRONG, as a farmer 农 soaking in sweat ; this oatmeal is THICK as a farmer.



Flames 炎yan2 doused in three dots of Water 三点水 are WEAK, THIN

厚 hou dense, thick.

瘦shou skinny, thin.

厚 is the image of an imperial burial temple, a pyramid. The sun 子 of heaven 日 is buried deep beneath a cliff 厂。 It’s the Chinese version of a pyramid.

瘦 skinny

瘦 let me SHOU you my friend Ana she is so SKINNY it’s an illness。 Sickbed on the left 病字旁, two hands grasping her to support 支 her on the right and underneath: she is weak from hunger.

岩 磊 硕 拓

岩 cliff shan+shi=YAN2
磊 rockpile LEI3 triple shi3 = l.ot: e.xtremely i.nteresting ROCKPi.l.e!
硕 big SH.i-tOU stone-face is BIG SHOU4
拓 develop 打石头 da shi TOU4 DEVELOP