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Who am I? A talking bird 谁, the sun at dawn, upright, once stopped on high. 是

Chinese characters are fundamentally pictures but what is depicted is rarely immediately obvious because of simplification, reuse of pictorial elements to represent different things, and the combination of pictures to express complex abstract concepts.
Most of the purported explanations about the characters in this series are wrong.

你Ni3 is two abbreviated stick figures 人ren2 (on the left and top) with 小xiao small on the lower right. Three small dots as a symbol of the idea of small). 你ni3 It may be a picture of a crossbow seen from the top.

是shi4 is the sun 日ri4 at dawn 旦dan4 on top of “upright” 正zheng4 which is composed of 一one yi2 (sideways Roman numeral I) and “stop”止zhi3 which is composed of vertical 1 and “high”上 是shi4日ri4正zheng4一yi1止zhi3上shang4

谁shei2 is a person speaking on the left (“i”) with a short-tailed bird on the right 隹zhui1 the bird’s head is on the top left we are looking at it from the side the four horizontal lines are the wing and tail feathers. The bird here tells us shei sounds like zhui1隹.

By breaking down Chinese characters into their elements and then describing them you can easily unravel their logic! Chinese characters are easy and fun! YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO ALL YOUR LIFE ABOUT THEM but not by me!

And now you will easily remember AM in Chinese is the sun+dawn+upright+one+stop+high. It’s a person standing up at dawn he EXISTS he IS.

小大中 small big middle are symbols so three dots are small 小xiao3 a guy standing up with his arm’s outstrechted is big 大 and a line through the middle of a square is middle.

提ti2 is the hand on the left with 是shi am on the right. So there I AM at DAWN 旦dan UPRIGHT 正zheng STOPPED by a a HIGH 上shang wall RAISING My HAND 手shou3

琴 stringed instruments what sounds like 令ling4 (ZERO) and has strings? 琴qin2 Here the two 王wang4 on top indeed represent the strings.

紫竹林中 within the violet bamboo forest
观自在,seeing one’s self therein
护法龙女与善财 guard the law dragon girl, gentle justice, prosperity.
救苦救难救世界 save the sorrowful, rescue in hardship, save the world
大慈大悲善门开 great compassion, great sorrow, open the gates of gentle justice


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