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Yes Virginia… Operation Bagration – The Destruction of Army Group Center

You dear reader have likely never heard of the most succesful military operation in human history: Operation Bagration. In the West, it tends to be “merely” called “the destruction of Army Group Center”.

To give you an idea: A division is around 10,000 men. A corps is around 2-3 divisions. An army is around 2-3 corps. And an army group is around 2-3 armies. The Germans sustained some 400,000 casualties, were out-numbered about 10 to 1 in tanks, 8 to 1 in aircraft and 17 to 1 in artillery. This is the European equivalent of the Mariana’s Turkey Shoot” a battle you might be familiar with in its enormous and lopsided outcome.

The real lessons of Bagration have never been absorbed by the west.
1) The Anglo-American’s had ULTRA. But the Soviets had Deza, Maskirovka, Tainost, and Aktivne Meropriyatie. Soviet intelligence services were every bit as effective as their western counterparts, albeit asymmetrically. The failure to notice this explains problems like Syria, Brexit, and electoral interference.

2) Artillery Artillery Artillery. The Soviets and Russians use mass artillery and much more effectively than their western counterparts. US doctrine must develop an effective counter-battery tactic, including eWar aspects as experiences in Ukraine since 2014 show.

During Bagration, the USSR destroyed an entire German army group: estimate that at 3x3x3x10,000 and that’s a minimal estimate. Basically the Soviets destroyed, utterly, more than 1/3 of the entire nazi war machine in Eastern Europe, about 1/4 of the ENTIRE nazi war machine in ONE operation.

The main reason they were able to do this was due to deception operations. The Germans were expecting to be attacked in the Ukraine, not Belarus, so all their tanks were out of position because of Soviet Deception and Secrecy. Added to this, Hitler himself issued  a “no retreat order” so many units which might have been able to escape were ordered to stand fast and die fighting, which they did.

What we are witnessing in Virginia currently is the political equivalent of the destruction of army group center.

Only this time it is the Virginia democratic party which is being shredded. This isn’t because the Russian’s objective is to keep Trump or the Republicans in power. They are indifferent to that. Their objective is to paralyze U.S. foreign policy and if possible to infiltrate and influence it. They have not been succesful at the latter.

Thing is… this apparent tactical rout.. it’s part of a much larger and impending political rout which will leave one or both major U.S. political parties incapable of winning the white house or governing effectively if they do. The Republican party is probably finished as a national party though that is not yet visible. The democrats likewise may be doomed as a national political party.

In ten years we will still be writing about the destruction of the U.S. political system and the conclusion of several decades of police operations against organized crime and counter-intelligence investigation.

Some will die violently in the streets under mysterious circumstances: “accidents” “suicides” and “heart attacks”. Still others will die in jail. The transformation of the global political stage will leave you a world which is from today’s perspective unrecognizeable.

These are some books I wrote which allude to or detail the above.

Strap yourself in, coz Kansas is going bye bye!

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