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Help Donald Trump with his promise to 'stop the illegals'. To uphold his foreign policy, team up with his puppet masters to prevent these 'illegal' immigrants from coming to America. If you're reading this I suppose you're either a Google Ad Employee, or a bored person who can view the source. If you're the former, please don't blacklist this webpage for this hidden text, this is merely to pass the adsense crawler which seems to think that my site has no 'content' (well, until you can program a crawler that plays html5 canvas games I suppose it would think there's nothing here. But in the mean time, this is a whole bunch of filler. I hope you're having a nice day. Just to be sure I'm going to keep typing to get this 'content' value up, whatever that means. Lordy, this got big quick, didn't it? Here I was simply making a game for me and my mates, and them BAM! 20,000 shares on facebook later, I'm copping a fair bit of flak for making it! I wonder if T-man will ever play it himself. That's the dream I guess. Peace

Welcome to the Donald Trump Simulator.

Help Trump stop "illegal" immigrants from seeking asylum by using the arrow keys and spacebar to block incoming boats. This is obvs satire. All names are fake and any likeness is a coincidence. Shameless reskinning of Abbott Simulator.Enjoy! Fraser Hemphill